What a joke, Sergei Lavrov entered the history of Russian diplomacy

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS./ The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov is widely known as a professional with a capital letter and strict negotiator, to which respect foreign colleagues, even from those countries with which relations in this period warm you will not name. As evidenced by the results of the conducted among Russians, polls, Lavrov has repeatedly proven to be one of the most popular of Ministers. The love of the people the Minister has earned not only the ability to defend the country’s interests in the international arena, but also witty remarks and jokes, which instantly spread across the Internet.

About how the head of the guardian wins the applause, puts his own jokes to a standstill even seasoned journalists and, in General, for word in pocket not go, we should also remember to celebrate Saturday the Day of the diplomat, because diplomacy is…

… oldest profession

Lavrov in June of 2017 visited Kaliningrad, where he met with students of Baltic Federal University of Immanuel Kant. The audience were predominantly young and modern, and although questions were asked on the topic of the day, found a reason for humor.

On this occasion, the Minister debunked the famous myth about what profession is the most ancient:

By the way, I was ready to defend the point of view that it is wrong to assume the oldest known profession. The oldest profession was diplomacy, since you first need to negotiate

From the speech before the students of the Baltic Federal University of Immanuel Kant in Kaliningrad, June 2017

Hint everyone present understood, and a version of the Russian Minister about how at the dawn of civilization, people have developed diplomatic skills, clearly had the younger generation like.

Empty pocket

As a true diplomat Lavrov was easily able to defuse the situation even in the most difficult working situations. That is why the recent press conference following the talks, Russian Minister with the head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson was especially memorable to journalists, but not because of sensitive issues and not even from a hot dispute between the diplomats in the eyes of the media. Short phrase Lavrov about the “empty the pockets” of his British colleagues, of course, a cruise.

Not time airborne on the eve of the visit of the foreign Minister of great Britain in Moscow to his friends from Parliament allegedly advised him “not to drink vodka and not take the phone.” But Johnson Lavrov trusts. And in proof of this at the press conference he said that after arriving at the talks gave his coat “and all the contents of your pockets” that the Russian Minister. “In a coat of Boris was nothing” – with a smile has assured Lavrov.

Unexpected review by the Minister immediately lifted the mood as media representatives, and to the Johnson. “Oh, so you already searched?!”laughing he retorted.

Dancing lesson

To discourage chief diplomat of the country is very difficult, no matter how hard our Western partners. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson once, during a lunch with colleagues at NATO in response to the remark about relations with Russia, that tango needs two, said that to dance with Russia is possible, but with a Laurel he will not do this. The Russian Minister in one of the interviews commented on the statements of the head of the state Department: “Me too mom was forbidden to dance with boys.”

In superlatives

Scathing words of Lavrov automatically placed in modern diplomatic lexicon. So, during the protracted till the morning meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet” in Minsk in February 2015, the journalists surrounded the emerged from the meeting room of the Minister, asking about consultations. “Super” is on the move, he said. To respond to a request to clarify the Minister decided the press to disarm:

Negotiations are going better than super

The answer to the question of journalists about the course of the consultations of the “Normandy Quartet” in Minsk, February 2015

Pizza and circuses

Journalists are often held hostage to the negotiation process. Geneva round Lavrov, who at that time was the post of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry lasted a record long time. When it started the morning of 9 September 2016 meeting on Syria has passed the 13-hour mark, the Russian foreign Minister suddenly came to weary members of the media and brought a few boxes of pizza. The gift was met with loud applause, and one of the reporters jokingly asked: “where’s the vodka?”

15 minutes later, Lavrov came back and asked who demanded vodka. Then presented a package with two bottles.

Hollywood tan

Many are concerned about how Lavrov is possible all year round to keep fit and even tan that would be envied Hollywood stars. In interviews he often joked about it.

So, in the program “international sawmill” on channel NTV, the Minister said that the sun keeps still with 1970-ies, when I began my diplomatic career at the Embassy in Sri Lanka. “Yes, I (tan) regularly support,” he said, noting that for this we have to re-fly “not only in Sri Lanka but also in other countries where there is the slightest possibility to sunbathe”.

However, informed on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Lavrov admitted that he was “swarthy from mom and dad”.

Outside of censorship

One of the most famous facts about Lavrov – his poetic talent, which often recall the representatives of both Russian and Western media. Not so long ago, during the speech of the Minister on the site of the German Fund named Kurt Kerber, the leading German asked, as if he called a poem, is devoted to relations between Russia and the European Union. “It may not be very censored rhyme, so I will refrain” – with a smile said the chief diplomat of the country.

And he loves jokes. Speaking at the international forum “Primakov reading” in June of last year, Lavrov compared the attacks of European countries on Russia with an anecdote about the legendary Vasily Chapaev.

Remember [an anecdote], as Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev went to Monte Carlo, [playing cards], and when they speak of who has how many points someone said, “I Have twenty-one”. Chapaev says: “Show me.” In response to: “we Have decided to believe in the word”. And here Vasily Ivanovich flooded map

From the speech at the international forum “Primakov’s readings” in Moscow, June 2017

In the audience laughed in response to the anecdote of the Minister.


The head of the Russian depodesta often have to respond to provocative questions. And I must admit that it can give the answer that will drive into the paint even the most experienced journalist.

A few months before the US presidential elections Lavrov gave an interview to a leading CNN Christiane Amanpour. At the moment the world’s media quoted the phrase of the then candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Donald trump that he took advantage of his position, can afford unacceptable liberties in relationships with women. Amanpour reminded the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs on the case member of the Russian group Pussy Riot and asked: “what do you think about “pussy riot” of the situation trump?”

Lavrov, reminding that English is not his native language, stated that the presidential campaign “a lot “Poussin” on both sides”. “So I’d rather not comment”, – he said.

Chief international correspondent for CNN are unable to hold back the laughter, confessing that the Minister’s response was for her a complete surprise. As later wrote the newspaper the Washington Post, with Lavrov saying the infamous word “pussy”, which, as you know, there are several meanings, was first mentioned in this media.

Imperial habits

Recent efforts by the American media, Russia has gained the image of “the decider” all over the world. The theme of Moscow’s interference in elections in all countries in succession, from Mexico to Sweden, got tired of that to respond to it seriously is impossible. Here it saves only the sense of humour of Sergey Viktorovich. In interview to the program “international sawmill”, he lamented that it is not possible to remove only the Emperor of Japan.

“You didn’t even mention that this year we did. Sweden, Denmark, Montenegro, Austria, Macedonia. Had to work, of course, it is not easy, – said the Minister. – Because of this we haven’t had time to other things, which are no less important.”

Lavrov then with a sigh added:

But while the Japanese Emperor to withdraw it. After two years only he will renounce the throne. We’ve all done it to be sooner, but for two years he begged

From interview to the program “international sawmill” on NTV, December 2017

“The Kremlin list”

Sarcastically Minister has faced Western colleagues when, in late January, the U.S. Treasury published the report of the Kremlin. Was introduced to all the members of the Russian government, including the foreign Minister and the leadership of the presidential administration, heads of state corporations, state banks and some businesses. Lavrov in this regard, did not fail to mention the slowness of American officials, which took almost six months to study guides with the names of the representatives of the Russian leadership.

Instructions to prepare such a list was contained in the law adopted in August 2017. Five months it took to read the directories that contain the names of the members of the government and employees of presidential administration. It would be possible to do it much faster

Review of the publication “the Kremlin list”, January 2018

So the head of Russian diplomacy once again proved that whatever was under sanctions, but it is certainly not a sense of humor.