CEC recommends that the First channel to postpone the screening of the film “Putin” to the end of the election

MOSCOW, February 14. /TASS./ The CEC offers the First channel to delay the premiere of the documentary film by American Director Oliver stone’s “Putin” to the end of the campaign. This was announced on Wednesday, CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

“Offer of JSC “First channel” to postpone further screening of the film “Putin” to the end of voting in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation on 18 March, that is, to show the rest of the series after the campaign,” she said at the Commission meeting.

As previously reported, the film is broadcast from February 12, the last series was aired 15 Feb.

Also, the CEC decided “to draw media attention to the inadmissibility of violations of legislation on elections”.

Not campaigning, but her symptoms “can be viewed”

Pamfilova said that the film stone’s Putin not only talks about his work as President, but also answers questions of a biographical nature. Signs of agitation in the film, the CEC is not found.

“The specified movie does not contain the calls to vote for or against candidates, expressed a preference for any candidate, does not contain a description of possible consequences of election or non-election of the candidate. An interview is not accompanied by positive or negative comments about the candidates for the post of President”, – said the head of Department.

Thus, “there is reason to believe that the actions of the channel is no campaign goal,” said Pamfilova.

However, she recalled the First channel and other media on the norms of the law on campaigning. The information in the media should not encourage voters to vote for or against a particular candidate. In addition, “representatives of the organisations which are carrying out release of mass media, in the exercise of their professional activities, it is prohibited to conduct election campaigning”, said the CEC head.

She stressed that the Central election Commission respects the right of media freedom and viability, but “it should be noted that during the ongoing election campaign, the broadcast of the film, though not directly associated with the election, but based on the participation of officials, officially registered as a candidate, may raise questions about the availability of campaign goals from the organization of broadcasting”. “At least, elements of promotion can be reviewed,” said she.

Earlier, the party “Yabloko” and the headquarters of Ksenia Sobchak appealed to the CEC regarding the stream in the First channel the film “Putin”. According to the applicants, the screening of the film violates the electoral legislation, as it contains in itself the signs of agitation and demonstrated outside the period of agitation in the media. The campaign period in the media will begin February 17.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov advised reporters to ask questions about the legality of showing the film in the CEC.

About the decision of the channel

Pamfilova told journalists that the channel has the right to show this film, as it does not violate the law.

“We are not the body that deals with censorship For us is very important – freedom of the media and their right to shape editorial policy,” she said.

While Pamfilova said that the two complaints of the film “Putin” has not yet arrived in the CEC, they are in the Commission learned from the media. “Claims that they have, bankrupt”, she said.

“We can’t make any other claims in this case, there is no direct violation of the law, we turn to him (channel – approx. TASS), it is his good will I think that dear CEC channel, or other channels that are supposed to show some movies, listen to not only was a clear violation of the law, but some elements, which could cause a negative public discussion,” – said Pamfilova.

In response to the question about the actions of the CEC in case of showing all film series on the First channel, Pamfilova called to wait for, “what will be the reaction from the channel.”

The first channel is currently unavailable for comment.

About the film

The first channel presented a four-part TV project, based on an interview with Oliver stone with Vladimir Putin, last summer. The film was among the three highest rating programs of Russian television by the end of 2017.

The film contains the evaluation of the head of state the current state of Russian-American relations, relations with NATO, the situation in Syria, Ukraine and many more.

In the course of the film stone received unprecedented opportunities to communicate with the Russian President and spent more than a dozen interviews over two years. Never before has Putin did not communicate with the foreign interviewer is so long and detailed. During those interviews Putin answered questions stone about his career, relationship with Clinton, Bush, Obama and trump, Boris Yeltsin, Mikhail Gorbachev. In the interviews also talked about the political heritage of Stalin, Reagan, etc.

During these two years the sides have met in the Kremlin, in Sochi, the President’s official residence near Moscow. In the tape used chronicle the key events, which were discussed in the interview.