Expert: the vast majority of Russians believe that the 2018 elections will be legitimate

MOSCOW, February 15. /TASS./ The vast majority of Russian citizens believe that the upcoming presidential elections will be held as legitimate. To such conclusion came experts of Fund “the Center of political technologies”.

“Now, 2/3 of companies believe that the elections will be legitimate, only a quarter hold the opposite opinion”, – said Thursday the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Center of political technologies” Boris Makarenko, representing journalists report on the start of the election campaign.

According to experts, contributed to legislative changes in 2011-2012. “Radically reduced input threshold in the presidential elections – 100 thousand signatures of voters necessary to collect] the candidate from the parties, 300 million for independent candidates, and it was 2 million, almost 10 times lower became. New rules for the extension proved to be adequate, the barrier was high enough to cut off the notorious outsiders. And at the same time, if the candidate is at least some little bit of the real party, or, if he is a significant figure, such figures present the filter passes, which is also evidence of legitimacy,” – said Makarenko.

He also believes that played a role and made legislative amendments, increasing the transparency of elections, in particular, the possibility of the presence of observers not only in district but also in the territorial election commissions. Another factor increasing the legitimacy of the upcoming elections, according to political scientist, was the abolition of absentee ballots.

“The new order of voting, 10 million Russians live, not where they are registered, you had to arrive at the place of residence. Now through the website services or multi-center [to solve the problem of voting in actual place of residence]”, – said Boris Makarenko.

In addition, the expert pointed to one of the intrigues of the election campaign is a “duel” between the presidential candidate from the party “Civil initiative” Ksenia Sobchak and the candidate of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky. “It’s competition for the role of the main public leader of the liberal wing,” explained its essence the analyst.

Presidential elections will be held on March 18.