Putin has promised the Prosecutor’s office with the full support of the fight against corruption

MOSCOW, February 15. /TASS./ The fight against corruption in Russia will receive the necessary political support, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the expanded Board of the Prosecutor General. He stressed that this direction must act with “utmost decisiveness”.

The head of state demanded that the Prosecutor General’s office to respond immediately to delays in the payment of wages and other violations of labor and social rights of citizens. He called one of the key objectives of the controls in place over pricing in the sphere of housing and communal services.

The President proposed to consider the decriminalization of several economic crimes and pointed to the need to prevent any attempts of pressure on business.

Addressing the meeting, Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika has summed up results of activity in the past year and told about plans for the coming period, highlighting such areas as the fight against corruption and anti-terrorist activities.

Against corruption at all levels

“I want to pay special attention to the task of strengthening of work in such a direction as to combat corruption. We constantly say this, but from the agenda this question is, unfortunately, not removed”, – stated Putin, addressing the participants of the meeting. “We need to act decisively as possible. This work of law enforcement agencies will receive the necessary political support,” the President said. “And I’m sure I can rely on solidarity, a consolidated position of Russian citizens”, – he added.

The President also instructed “to track a target expenditure of budgetary funds at all levels, including in the implementation of the new programme of weapons and in the implementation of other key state programs and construction of major infrastructure projects.” “Thus ask you to actively cooperate with the audit chamber and other controlling bodies,” urged Putin.

Over the past year, “according to the acts of the prosecutorial response to disciplinary charges brought against 30 thousand officers, from them more than 1 thousand dismissed in connection with loss of trust,” he said at a meeting of the Seagull. He added that prosecutors brought nearly 5 thousand Affairs about administrative offences in the employment of the former officials without notice to their former employer in the civil service, which is 7% higher than in 2016.

As priorities for the current year, Seagull called detection of corruption offences in public procurement, corruption in sport, providing redress, including-finding cases of withdrawal of proceeds of crime by way of assets abroad and their return to Russia.

To protect the rights of citizens

An important theme of the meeting was the role of public prosecution in the protection of social and labor rights of citizens. “Of course, our focus should be the protection of the fundamental rights of citizens, particularly in such sensitive areas as labor and social relations. In the framework of its powers, you must immediately react to any violations of the law and the rights of citizens in these areas, including delays or failure to pay wages, ” – he set the task of Putin.

He urged public prosecutors in cooperation with the tax authorities and other agencies “to give a principled assessment of the actions of leaders who spend money intended for payments, for other purposes, often having nothing to do with the interests of the teams.” The President also pointed to the need to monitor the legality of the distribution of subsidized vouchers, free drugs. The President urged the Prosecutor General to participate in the work of authorities and public institutions to support families and protect children’s rights.

Prosecutors should take prompt measures to prevent cases of unfair price increases for housing and communal services, the President said. He called one of the key issues the situation on the ground pricing in the housing sector, which “often are frankly fraudulent schemes or organizations who call themselves management companies”.

“If you see that someone is artificially lifts these rates, please make fast and legal action, because of unreasonable price hikes suffer and we all understand that it is vulnerable strata of the population: families with low incomes, pensioners”, – said the President.

In addition, Putin ordered to strengthen supervision over compliance with legislation in the sphere of environmental protection. “From the environment directly affects the quality of life of our citizens”, – said the head of state.

The attorney General in his speech acknowledged the significant problems in the field of control over the activities of utilities. First and foremost, according to him, they relate to the activities of the special funds established by regional authorities, which are a key element in these matters. “Their work revealed the facts of embezzlement of funds collected from the population, violations of the procedure for the assessment and recording of contributions, performance of works of inadequate quality,” Seagull subjected to criticism the work of the funds. “In 2017, every fifth house from the planned renovation turned out”, – he added.

Against pressure on business

The authorities of the Russian Federation, Putin said, will continue the humanization of the legislation, including through the decriminalization of several economic disturbances. “This means that you will need to think, and I need your help, support, I need your professional advice, what formulations specifically of criminal procedure can be painless and beneficial for business to translate into the sphere of arbitration”, – said Putin.

According to the President, this topic involves a lot of other issues, but “this is a significant element in building our relations in the economy so that the economy was breathing freely”. “Of course, without any doubt, there should be strict rules that must be followed, and the state in your face must watch it, but some of the things we now operate redundant. So you need to closely analyze and I would ask you to submit relevant proposals”, – the President said to the attorney General.

“The most important task of the prosecution remains the protection of entrepreneurial freedoms, suppression of any attempts of pressure on business”, – said the head of state, noting that “largely due to the principled actions of the Prosecutor’s office” has decreased the number of unnecessary inspections. According to Putin, “in the near future, controlling and Supervisory bodies will move to a risk-based approach is not burdensome for business while effectively protecting the rights of citizens, of consumers.”

“We must carefully track any facts of unreasonable interference of law enforcement bodies in economic life and business conflicts, disputes”, – Putin said. He instructed to check the situation “with unmotivated or, better to say, custom-made prosecution in relation to the business”. “And those responsible [must] certainly be held accountable,” – said the head of state.

“Listen, dear colleagues: you can not see, not to notice on the ground [that] it is a problem today, it should be solved”, – Putin addressed to prosecutors. He added that effective protection of the rights of entrepreneurs “is crucial to the development of the national economy”.

To strengthen public Prosecutor’s supervision

The head of state urged “to fully ensure the constitutional rights of citizens in a free, democratic expression” in the course of preparations for the presidential elections. “Fair elections and a strict observance of the law during their conduct is the basis of legitimacy of state power, the guarantee of confidence of citizens”, – said Putin.

He also demanded that prosecutors hold “special control work on the protection of minors”. The President noted that in 2017, prosecutors revealed 11% fewer violations in the sphere of protection of the rights of minors than the year before. “It is now important to strengthen the oversight of the prevention system in the regions”, – he stressed.

Putin recalled that the problem of housing provision for orphaned children have often been raised at meetings of the Board. He demanded “continue to actively work in this direction, to ensure that the local authorities in a timely manner and in full has fulfilled the requirements of the law.” The head of state noted the need for a principled reaction to the facts of the acquisition of such housing at inflated prices and “attempts to get rid of citizens, providing them with the frankly worthless, useless space uninhabitable”.

According to the President, the Prosecutor’s office should strengthen the supervision of the investigation and coordination with law enforcement and regulatory authorities, which reveal violations of the law in the banking sector. “I beg to fight resolutely against money laundering and, along with that reliably protect the rights of depositors and borrowers,” – said Putin.

He noted that serious attention should be paid to combating extremism, stressing that last year the number of crimes of this orientation in Russia grew by almost 5%. The President also has noticed that in four years, since the Prosecutor’s office received the appropriate authority, in its request was blocked more than 3 thousand Internet pages, and with more than 70 thousand of sites have been removed direct calls to extremist activities. “We need to continue this systematic work to prevent the spread of radical ideology that poses a serious threat to our society and the country”, – said the head of state.

The President, summing up the results of work of the Prosecutor’s office over the past years, thanked its employees for their conscientious performance of duties and adherence to principles in upholding of interests of the state, society and citizens. “I hope that the same professionalism and perseverance you will work in the future,” the President said to prosecutors.

In turn, the public Prosecutor also has not ignored the problem of ensuring the rights of minors. “The recent events in Perm and Ulan-Ude once again return us to the acute problem of children’s safety. Instruct the prosecutors to assist with verifying compliance with legislation aimed at protecting the life and health of the juvenile during the learning process, and in anticipation of summer vacation please note on the organization of children’s holidays”, – said Chaika.

It is reported that on February 15 signed a decree on the establishment of the Supervisory Agency of the Department for supervision over observance of laws on minors with the laying on him the tasks of complex decision problems in this area. “Similar units will be established in all public Prosecutor’s offices of subjects of the country”, – said the Prosecutor.