Shamans: not to recognize the Turkish interests in ‘ Afrīn is impossible

MOSCOW, February 16. /TASS/. The city of Afrin, on the introduction of troops which had previously said the Syrian government is in the interests of Turkey, which should be considered.

This opinion was expressed to journalists on Friday the head of the Duma Committee on defense, former commander of airborne troops Vladimir Shamanov.

“It is the responsibility of Turkey. In such situations, it is necessary to connect the mechanism of aharanov: Russia and Iran. You need to sit down and negotiate,” – he said. “Not to recognize the Turkish interests in’ Afrīn is impossible, they really exist, therefore it is necessary to agree” – said the Shaman.

Previously, the channel Al-Maydeen said that the Syrian government and Kurdish “Forces of national self-defense” (SNC) reached an agreement on the placement of units of the armed forces of the Republic in the region Afrin. According to sources, the channel, Damascus agreed with SNC on the entry of Syrian troops to repel the attack by Turkey in the district of Afrin. Official comment from Damascus has not yet been reported.

The General staff of the Turkish armed forces announced on 20 January on the beginning of “operation Olive branch” against the troops of the SNA (part of an armed coalition “Forces of democratic Syria”) and the “Democratic Union” in Afrin, home to some 1.5 million Kurds and refugees from other areas of Syria. These organizations Ankara considers a terrorist.