Volodin explained why Putin’s support of the majority of Russians

BERN (Switzerland) February 19. /TASS/. Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin suggested that Western critics of the Russian President the answer to the “Putin phenomenon”, which enjoys the support of the majority of Russia’s population.

“When we talk about the Putin phenomenon, you just need to proceed from the fact that Putin is a strong President, he did much for his country, and the citizens of our country support it,” said Volodin in an interview he gave in Bern TV presenter Darius Rossano for the Swiss TV channel RTS. The speaker drew attention to the fact that, according to opinion polls, the current President enjoys the support of more than 80% of Russian citizens.

The presenter, who has previously interviewed and Putin, acknowledged that the incumbent President “is popular in Russia, it is obvious.” “But, from the point of view of the West (the political system of the Russian Federation – approx. TASS) not enough competition, opposed by political opponents,” he said.

“I would answer thus: the Russian people have to decide who will be President of Russia, what should be the competition,” – said the speaker. “If more than 80% of the population of Russia supports President Putin and all the sociological studies say about it, you just need to understand that the head of Russia’s most popular politician, who did much for the country and our citizens appreciate their President, support him, and I hope that will continue to support”, – said the speaker of the state Duma.

Volodin believes it is incorrect to say that “not enough” political competition in Russia based on high public support for a political leader and project that onto the situation in the countries of the West. “The question must be addressed not to Putin – why is it that its support, the question should be addressed to the heads of other States – why they are insufficient to support their citizens?” – said the speaker.

He believes that the “modest” level of support for some Western leaders may be bound, including the fact that “a large number of citizens in the European countries said that different you need to solve many of the issues and the approaches of Russia impressed him”.