The Russian foreign Ministry said strong protest to Kiev in connection with the attack on the building of Rossotrudnichestvo

MOSCOW, February 19. /TASS/. Aggressive nationalism in Ukraine and enjoys the patronage of the Kiev authorities, does not meet an adequate response and even encouraged by their foreign patrons that can not but cause concern.

As reported in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, this fact was brought to the attention of the chargé d’affaires of Ukraine in Russia, which on Monday was declared a strong protest against the continuing atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalists Russophobes, staged on February 17 and 18 provocative attack on the Russian centre of science and culture (RCSC) and the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian offices of banks in Kiev.

“It was noted that uncontrolled thugs at the inaction of the police, which acted as passive extras, broke Windows, painted abusive slogans wall, desecrated the national symbols of Russia, caused other material damage, – stated in the message.

“All this was accompanied by swearing and insults in the address of Russia and the Russian leadership. The vandals did not stop the presence in the center for women and children, rehearsing a theatrical production. Witnesses to these events were observers of the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine, which in accordance with its mandate, has recorded the events for a report to the OSCE,” – said in depodesta.

According to the Russian side, there is another manifestation of “gaining strength in Ukraine of aggressive nationalism, neo-wing, who obviously enjoys the patronage and support of the authorities of the country.”

“It can hardly be considered a coincidence the fact that the pogrom in Russia occurred immediately after the odious statements of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the International conference on security in Munich, which was full of anti-Russian attacks and contained a direct appeal to “the fight with the Russian flag” around the world, – noted in dipvedomstva. – Conscious voting in Ukraine among the only two countries in the world against the resolution of the UN General Assembly on combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other types of discriminatory practices only confirms whose side selects the current regime in Kiev”.

“Can not but cause concern that the aggressive nationalism in Ukraine does not meet an adequate response from foreign supporters of the Kiev authorities, – said the Russian foreign Ministry. – Moreover, in some cases, these sentiments were encouraged. It is a pity that the tragic lessons of the last century in Europe and the United States is clearly not taken into account.”

Moscow has called on Kiev to put an end to the antics of radical nationalists, to create proper conditions for normal and safe operation of Russian institutions in Ukraine in accordance with obligations under accepted international conventions and the Russian-Ukrainian intergovernmental agreements. The Russian side also demanded to establish and bring to justice all perpetrators referred to hooligan attacks.

The attack on the Russian companies

Saturday, February 17, about 30 members of the nationalist organization C14 (Sich) and extremists of “Right sector” (in the Russian organization is prohibited) attacked the building of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev. They painted the walls black and red paint offensive slogans and inscriptions, as well as tore and desecrated the Russian flag.

The next day, February 18, the neo-Nazi group “the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists” (OUN, banned in Russia) broke Windows and damaged a door in the building of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kiev at the hem. They threw in window metal objects and stones. Then, breaking the window, the thugs began to destroy the office of Alfa Bank. Nationalists shouting anti-Russian slogans also attacked the office of Sberbank of Russia, located a few hundred meters of the Russian center.