United Russia will hold the year-end party software forum

MOSCOW, February 19. /TASS/. “United Russia” will hold at the end of 2018, a software forum, which will summarize the implementation of the program of the party. On Monday announced Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” project activities Olga batalina at the meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of United Russia.

According to her, this year, four scheduled meeting of the program Commission, which will address the following sections of the program: “Economics of growth and prosperity”, “to Be master in his own house”, “Healthy future”, “Smart power and cultural leadership.”

“At the end of the year is traditionally planned software forum, which will assess the implementation of the campaign programme for 2018,” she said, adding that the forum will host the exhibition of artproekta.

In addition, said batalina, this year in the framework of the project work will be two thematic forum. “One of them will be devoted to education and, perhaps, it will be held in the Siberian Federal district. Second [the forum is] to devote to the questions of demographic policy and the challenges that we are facing, and planned to spend it in the Central Federal district”, – said Deputy Secretary of the General Council.

Renewal of the composition of the public Council

The development of party projects was the subject discussed at the meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”. According to the Chairman of the Supreme Council Boris Gryzlov, party projects “should become a tool for the implementation of new, extremely large-scale program of Vladimir Putin”. In this regard, the policy proposed to create a nationwide map of artproekta to assess their effectiveness.

For his part, the Chairman of the public Council of the project “engines of growth” Oleg Budargin noted that the Supreme Council has done a great job in preparation of reports and the main conclusion of the report “Welfare and socio-economic development” – the need to respond quickly to the challenges of the new technological cycle. “This is particularly important synergy of education, science and the real sector of the economy,” he said. “The status of the public Council is very high. In the updated composition of the Board invited the heads of large companies, representatives of public organizations representing interests of industries, representatives of science and higher educational institutions”, – said the politician.

President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin has supported the implementation of the project and reported that the new composition of the public Council will include not only representatives of large companies and the Russian IT industry, as well as companies working in the field of new technologies of robotics. Other presidents of community councils attending the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov and the head of Roskoshestvo Maxim Protasov, supported the thesis that the other party projects needs to be adapted to the challenges of the new technological cycle. Including this task in the expert Council of “United Russia” there will be a separate section devoted to new technological challenges, while the project “engines of growth” focuses on the solution of practical tasks and will work closely with the expert Council.