Kosachev believes the US military presence in hot spots by a factor of destabilization

MOSCOW, February 20. /TASS/. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev skeptical about the rationale for entering the United States the second USS Carney in the Black sea: according to the Senator, the statement about the need to increase U.S. military presence with the aim of “desensitizing” of Moscow in relation to the activity of us forces in the region without logic. This opinion Kosachev voiced on Tuesday on his page on Facebook, noting that the US presence in almost all hot spots is becoming a factor of destabilization of local and global environment.

“More impressive is how Americans justified their actions: the representative of the military Department of the USA unequivocally said that the decision is directed – nothing less than to “to reduce the sensitivity of Russia” the presence of American naval forces in the Black sea. That is as if you stepped on the foot, in order to “reduce the sensitivity” of your foot to the pain,” he wrote, noting that this time Washington is not even trying to explain their actions need to respond to certain actions of Russia.

“The US military presence in almost all hot spots – in the Black sea, off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, in Syria, today the objective becomes a separate factor of destabilization of local (and global) environment, and is a separate topic for reflection of the world community”, – said Kosachev. According to the Senator, the time has come “to show increased sensitivity to this “foreign body” in different regions of the world, each time indicating Washington the devastating impact of the “strengthening the stability of the” American way”.

On Saturday, the destroyer Carney entered the Black sea, joining in there another American ship. As stated by the commander of the 6th fleet, Christopher Grady, the decision “to send two ships in the Black sea was made in advance, and not responding to anything.” The last time these two U.S. ship was in the waters of the Black sea in July 2017 during the us-Ukrainian exercises Sea Breeze.

On Monday TV channel CNN reported, citing U.S. military sources that the US is increasing military presence in the Black sea, considering it a necessary response to the increased activity of Russia in the region. As noted by one of the sources of the TV channel, Washington is trying to ensure that the US military presence in the Black sea has become the new norm for the Russian Federation, desiring thus to “reduce the sensitivity” of Moscow in relation to the activity in the area of us forces.