Spring finds “custom-made hysteria” article in the NY Post about hockey from Russia at the Olympics

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. The article of newspaper New York Post, where hockey players of the Russian Federation called “the team without a country”, reveals this edition of in the service of anti-Russian policy and is nothing more than custom-made hysteria. This opinion was expressed on Monday, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya.

Russian hockey players in the tournament finals at the Olympics team beat Germany with the score 4:3. After the match on the website of the New York Post published an article with the title “Team without a country wins the gold Olympic hockey tournament” (A team without a country wins hockey gold).

“The title accurately identificeret, media of any country is capable of that. The New York Post, acting in the context of American politics of Russophobia, overdone and diagnosed US policy: “the pathology of false hatred and dirty technologies”, – said Yarovaya told reporters. “Edition apparently exposed himself that caters to anti-Russian policy and mobilized an information mercenary”, she added.

According to the parliamentarian, “there is the case when arrogant impunity in the habit to lie and manipulate much summed up the political elite of the United States”. The Chairman of the state Duma do not doubt that “ordinary Americans, like any adequate person, this custom hysterical disgusted”.

“This trick is written under the dictation of those who did all the meanness against the Olympics, against all of our athletes, against Russia and fell into a rage from not getting the desired result!” – said Spring. “They did not understand that the people of our country – the team of Russia, a dignity which never was and never will be broken”, she concluded.

Russian athletes competed at the Games in 2018 under the Olympic flag and the Olympic status of athletes from Russia’s suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). The membership of ROC will be restored after verification of anti-doping services, which shall confirm that no new violations by Russian athletes at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.