The center for conciliation said that the militants continue shelling of Damascus from Eastern ghouta

DAMASCUS, 27 Feb. /TASS/. Illegal armed formations (IAF) are still shelling Damascus with Eastern ghouta. This was reported to journalists by the representative of the Russian centre for reconciliation the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic the General-major Vladimir Zolotukhin.

“Illegal armed groups-controlled areas continued shelling of Damascus. Just in the last day from the areas of Eastern ghouta on residential neighborhoods of the Syrian capital, militants fired 22 mines and rockets. But despite the provocations, the Syrian government forces from 9 am local time, stopped the fire and didn’t respond to attacks, observing the silence regime in a set period of time. Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties guarantees the security of all civilians, sick and wounded, ready to leave Eastern ghouta, and calls on armed groups to cease fire and not to hinder the evacuation of the population”, – said Zolotukhin.

Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria to guarantee the safety of all civilians, sick and wounded, ready to leave Eastern ghouta, despite the attacks of the militants of illegal armed formations, said Zolotukhin.

He noted that the Russian Centre for conciliation in cooperation with the Syrian state structures fulfilled the promises of the organization “humanitarian pause”, to ensure the exit of civilians, evacuation of the sick and wounded from the Eastern Guta created a humanitarian corridor in the area of the settlement Vafidin. Until the population is brought order out of the Eastern ghouta, which is specially designed and distributed informational sheets which contain all the necessary information. In addition, this information is communicated through the media, Internet, loudspeaker installation, sent in the sms.

“However, operating in Eastern ghouta illegal armed groups such as “jabhat an-Nusra”, “Jaish al-Islam, Ahrar al-sham”, “Falak ar-Rahman” and others, hinder the exit from the zone of hostilities civilians, including old men, women and children, holding them as hostages”, – said the major-General.

The channel of Panama is a direct report from the settlement of Duvar where deployed mobile units to assist victims. One of the duty officers told the TV station that terrorists continue from time to time to fire on the humanitarian corridor and prevent the exit of the population from areas that are kept under the control of gangs with the purpose “to break the truce to continue to use the residents as human shields.” In Duvar already arrived buses and coaches of the Syrian red Crescent to transport evacuees citizens in places of temporary stay. The TV channel notes that the residents will be provided temporary housing and regular meals, they will be able to enjoy free medical care.

On Monday, the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu said that on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Damascus suburb of Eastern ghouta from 27 February introduced the daily humanitarian pause from 09:00 (10:00 GMT) to 14:00 (15:00 GMT) local time. However, while civilians are unable to leave the Damascus suburb of Eastern ghouta in conjunction with mortar shelling of a humanitarian corridor in the area of the settlement Vafidin, told reporters the head of the monitoring group areas of de-escalation №3 “East ghouta” General Viktor Pankov. Previously, the Agency SANA reported the shelling of a humanitarian corridor militants of the banned terrorist organization “dzhebhat an-Nusra”.