Putin called trump experienced individual with a pragmatic approach

NEW YORK, March 10. /TASS/. The President of the United States Donald trump is a businessman with great experience, who respects the people he works with. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with broadcaster NBC, which was aired on Friday.

Putin also believes that Donald trump does not avoid criticism, and adheres to a pragmatic approach.

“I think he’s not me personally serious about,” said the President, whose words are in the English language. “I think he’s [trump] experienced person, he is a businessman with great experience, and he understands that if there is a need to establish a cooperative relationship with someone, you must refer to your current or potential partner with respect – said the President of the Russian Federation. Is, first, the purely pragmatic approach”.

“Secondly, despite the fact that it is his first term as President, he learns quickly, and understands that at this level, where we are, to engage in mutual accusations and insults is a way in anywhere”, – said the Russian leader. “If you noticed I always show to my colleagues, not only in USA but also in Europe, Asia, unchanged respect,” – said Putin.

The head of state admits that the US President can be considered a bright personality. The leading question about whether Putin considers trump “a bright personality”, came the reply: “Maybe.”

The President also announced he does not read message trump, which he wrote in his Twitter. In addition, the Russian leader told a leading NBC that he doesn’t use the microblogging service. “I have other means to Express my point of view and to implement them in practice, – said the President of the Russian Federation. Donald more modern.”

To the question, does Putin trump an effective leader, the Russian President replied: “It’s the American people decide. He [trump] clearly has leadership qualities because he takes responsibility for making decisions, whether those decisions to someone or not. However, it takes them”.