Putin: Russia does not have the capacity of States to attacks in cyberspace

NEW YORK, March 10. /TASS/. Russia does not have the same capabilities to conduct offensive operations in cyberspace, as the United States. About this Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with broadcaster NBC, which aired Friday night. His words were given in English translation.

“We do not have those funds available to you, we have global media available to you – he said, responding to a comment by a leading interview Megyn Kelly about the cyber war between the two countries. – We have only Russia Today”.

At the same time, the Russian President pointed to the constant interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation from the United States. “We tell them at a very high level, “But you always interfering in our internal political life,” he said. You can imagine it? Don’t even deny.”

Re the question, whether he considers that the USA is constantly interfering in the Affairs of Russia, followed by the response: “Constantly.”

“Russia does not interfere in the Affairs of States, – Putin continued. And has no such intentions. It is impossible to do. First of all, we have our own principles, which do not allow interference in our internal Affairs and we do not interfere in the internal Affairs of others. These are our principles”.