Putin: Russia ready for dialogue with the United States and does not accept interference in elections

NEW YORK, March 10. /TASS/. Relations between Moscow and Washington, the assumptions about the Russian intervention in the American elections, the situation in Syria, the opinion of Donald trump and the upcoming presidential elections in Russia – these and other topics raised by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to the journalist of TV company NBC Megyn Kelly.

It was broadcast on Friday night in the US translated into English.

A willingness to dialogue

Moscow ready for dialogue on a wide range of issues, Putin said. “We are ready anytime to discuss any issues, including missiles, cyberspace and counter-terrorism”, – he said.

“Let’s sit down, talk and solve all the issues, – said the Russian leader. – I believe that the current President [trump] wants to do it, but there are forces that do not allow him to do it.”

The responsibility for the current tensions in bilateral relations, he has laid upon US.

“We have designated you as their enemies. You made this decision. At the level of Congress. And included Russia in a list of their enemies,” – said Putin.

“Why did you do it?” – asked he.

Non-interference of the Russian Federation and the permanent intervention of the United States

Putin categorically rejected speculation about Russia’s intervention in the American elections. “We do not set ourselves such a goal, as intervention in the elections, he said. – We can’t see what goal we can achieve through such intervention. We have no such purpose.”

“Let’s imagine that we have set ourselves the goal to intervene. For what? Intervene only in order to intervene? What is the purpose?” – the President added.

At the same time, he pointed to the constant interference from the US. “We tell them, at a very high level, but you always interfering in our internal political life, – said Putin. You can imagine it? Don’t even deny.”

To repeat the question Kelly, if he considers that the United States regularly interfere in the Affairs of the Russian Federation, followed by the response: “Constantly.” “But Russia does not interfere in the Affairs of States, – continued the head of state. And has no such intentions. It’s impossible to do.”

“First of all, we have our own principles, which do not allow interference in our internal Affairs, – he reminded. And we are not interfering in the internal Affairs of others. These are our principles”.

Extradition is impossible

Just Putin answered a question about whether Russia can give US of those whom Washington accused of meddling in American elections.

“This is the result of the actions of criminals and radical elements, terrorists who commit these crimes in order to blame the President [Bashar al -] Assad,” he said.

“We know about the plans of the rebels to make it look like the Syrian army uses chemical weapons,” continued the Russian leader, noting that such attempts were “in the not so distant past.”

According to him, the armed Syrian opposition uses charges against the government of the Arab countries in the use of chemical warfare agents as “excuse in order to consolidate efforts to fight against Assad.”

Putin recalled that still was not carried out a full investigation of these incidents. “We need a thorough investigation on the spot collection of evidence, – he said. – Nothing that was not done”.

Plans to change the Constitution no

Clear and unambiguous Putin responded to the question about the possibility of amending the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the part concerning length of stay on a post of the head of state. “I think I told you yesterday that I have never changed the Constitution. And especially to follow their own interests. And I have no such plans at present”, – he stressed.

The President also criticized the “so-called experts” from the United States, believing that he needed to retain his post for your own safety. “Why are you so sure that people who come to power in Russia after me, wants to destroy everything that I’ve done over the past few years?” he asked another question, expressing confidence that the future leadership of the country will come those who want to strengthen the state.

Referring to the leading question, could the Russian President to “pardon” Alexei Navalny to compete in the elections, Putin said: “I would like to cooperate with these people and ready. We are trying to make Russia stronger, more competitive, more efficient country, a country that relies on their strength. There are such people”. “Pardon can be any person, if he deserves it,” added the Russian leader.

Answering the question about the probability of reelection in the upcoming elections for the presidency, he indicated that it depends on the will of the compatriots. “Let’s see how to solve Russian voters,” – said Putin.

Opinion about trump

He also said that he never met with trump to participate in the upcoming elections in the United States. “No, I never knew him before his presidency, before he announced his candidacy,” – said the Russian head of state.

He did not agree with the statement that trump avoids criticism. “I think he’s not up to me personally, kind, – said Putin. – I think that he is an experienced man, he is a businessman with great experience, and he understands that if there is a need to establish a cooperative relationship with someone, you must refer to your current or potential partner with respect. This is, firstly, a purely pragmatic approach.”

“Secondly, despite the fact that it is his first term as President, he learns quickly, and understands that at this level, where we are, to engage in mutual accusations and insults is a way in anywhere”, – said the Russian leader. “If you noticed I always show to my colleagues, not only in USA but also in Europe, Asia, unchanged respect,” he added.

The leading question about whether Putin considers trump “a bright personality”, came the reply: “Maybe.”

Questions about missile defense and nuclear weapons left over

In an interview aired on Friday during the hour were not included shown previously to EN-bi-si fragments, in which the President of Russia has focused on the consequences of the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, stressed the idea that the latest strategic weapon system created in Russia – this is the answer to unilateral actions of Washington, but also pointed to the need for joint action against international terrorism. At the same time, the broadcaster edited the interview so that it is periodically interrupted by inserting critical statements of American politicians.