The Russian presidential elections in Egypt are held with a large turnout

CAIRO, March 16. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Tarasov/. A high turnout is observed on held on Friday in Egypt’s presidential elections. Russian citizens are showing great interest in the vote, told the correspondent of TASS, the Minister-Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in the Arab Republic, the Chairman of the precinct election Commission of polling station No. 8081 in Cairo Artem Polyakov.

“At the station in Cairo note an increased interest of Russian citizens to vote and a large turnout. By noon, she has already exceeded the turnout in the elections to the State Duma”, – said the Poles. He pointed out that a similar situation is observed in two other areas: on the basis of the Consulate General of Russia in Hurghada and Alexandria.

“At the request of the compatriots living in remote areas of the Egyptian capital, was organized to deliver dedicated transport”. According to the diplomat, a considerable number of people wishing to vote are recorded, organized by the Embassy on Thursday, March 15, the exit poll in Sharm El-Sheikh. Poles noted that it is currently not observed such arrivals of Russian tourists as they were before, however, wishing to vote is still there.

As stressed by the diplomat, the Embassy, the consular Department and other foreign institutions on the eve of voting was held in Egypt by the Russians to raise awareness about the electoral process. Compatriots were notified through the media, specialized Internet resources and in the course of specially organized meetings. Also in the Embassy was open round-the-clock telephone line for election.

The participation of the Russian centre of science and culture

On the grounds of the Russian centre of science and culture (RCSC) in Cairo and Alexandria were designed “Corners of the voter”, which presents data on the candidates for the post of the President of Russia, a memo on the procedure of voting abroad, regulatory information, and other materials of the CEC. On election day they are installed at all sites in Egypt, open from 08:00 to 20:00 local time (09:00 to 21:00 GMT).

Active part in this work accepted and RCSC. “In addition to tremendous information preparations for the elections, we in cooperation with the Embassy provided transport for those wishing to give their vote to citizens of Russia who are difficult to reach sites due to the fact that they live far away, he told TASS head of the Centre in Cairo Alex Tevanyan. It was funded buses, including Alexandria, which was used by dozens of our compatriots.”

Egypt is interested in Russian experience

It is noteworthy that on Friday as part of the upcoming March 26-28 in Egypt, presidential elections began to vote and Egyptian citizens living abroad (voting will continue until March 18 inclusive). The local press compares the election campaigns in the two countries.

As reported by the Poles earlier on Friday at the site in Cairo, visited the crew of the Egyptian TV channels, which Russian Ambassador Sergei Kirpichenko gave a detailed interview, briefing about the preparations for the vote and the importance of the elections for Russia. The results of the vote in Egypt, according to Minister-counselor, to be published by the Embassy on the evening of March 18, just after voting in Russia.