Putin announced the start of substantive work on the future of the Cabinet

MOSCOW, March 19. /TASS/. Vladimir Putin, who, according to preliminary data of the CEC, gaining held on Sunday presidential elections in Russia more than 76% of the vote, announced the start of substantive work on the formation of the future government. Arriving in the evening after a day of voting in the electoral headquarters of the incumbent head of state also said that he intends to meet with his rivals in the elections and urged all political forces not to be guided by the clan, and national interests in their work.

In addition to the confidants of the presidential candidate, at the headquarters of the leader of the race waited and a few dozen journalists. Putin managed to answer some of the questions that concerned not only the plans for the next six-year presidential term, but also relevant to today’s problems, including international.

Changes in the leadership of the country

Answering a question from TASS about when the President intends to form a new government, Putin said that “all changes in government must be exercised by the President, which came into its powers for new term”. “So now I’m going to think about what and how to do it,” he said.

“This is an outrage, this violation of all accepted international norms,” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

“Russia answer will be no, – said at the same time. – We will not be answering some limitations, but on the contrary will do everything to make Ukrainians feel in Russia like at home”.

Another thorny issue was a case of poisoning in the UK convicted earlier in Russia of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter in London shortly before the elections directly accused Russia without any evidence.

“As for the tragedy, about which you said, I learned about it from the media. And the first thing that comes to mind that if it was a chemical warfare agent, people certainly would have died on the spot, it is an obvious fact, it is necessary to understand, – he said. – Russia has no such means, we are all our chemical weapons destroyed under the supervision of international observers”.

“We are ready to cooperate, we said, and prepared to participate in the required investigation, but it needs to be interest from the back side. We do not see,” – he stressed.

According to the Russian leader, in General the situation for any reasonable person “is complete nonsense”. Putin said that, in his opinion, it is nonsense, “someone in Russia afford such antics on the eve of the presidential elections and the world Cup”. “It’s inconceivable”, he said.

Putin also had to answer questions about the relations of Russia and China and even touch at the request of the reporters the theme of U.S. engagement with Latin America. According to Putin, Russia is interested in relations between States on all continents to develop positively, and this would have formed the international agenda.