Putin said that no one should feel like a loser

MOSCOW, March 19. /TASS/. Leading to the election of Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked the volunteers of the staff.

“With all the components it is very important to make people believe you, so people can feel the sincerity that everything you say comes from the heart, sincerely. And you did it”, – Putin said at a meeting with volunteers of his staff.

“I think we’re all a big team, not only presented here, but also on the square, in Moscow, the whole country – you mean all the people who voted today and which has turned this very good result,” – said the head of state. “It is very important and I also look forward to your further work, so nobody felt like a loser. It is important that this line, which is observed in the country, so she persisted with a complex, maybe even controversial, but necessary for the country of decisions,” he said.

Putin recalled his words from the message to the Federal Assembly. “I told you not to be witty. We need a decisive leap forward in development. We can do it – we have reached a level where we can make that breakthrough,” he said. According to him, earlier when the previous inflation that was impossible. “And now it is possible. We must seize this historic opportunity and take advantage of our achievements in all fields in order to do it. But, of course, people should understand that we will do,” he said, adding that this issue is very important help people like volunteers.

Putin has supported the project to promote the major achievements of Russia, which decided to implement volunteers his staff. “We are so good friends during this whole time, and we want to continue the activity. And we had the idea to make a project of our victory. We do have a lot of new developments in Russia, but, unfortunately, not all know about it. And we would like to tell all citizens,” said one of the girls volunteers.

“This is very important. Not to brag, but to show the result to encourage to new victories. This is important,” said the President. “Make sure to agree on the form of organization of this work”, – said Putin.