Putin: Russia will not get involved in arms race

MOSCOW, March 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is not going to get involved in a new arms race.

“Of course, we should focus and pay close attention to further strengthening of defensibility of the country”, – Putin said at a meeting with candidates in presidents of the Russian Federation. He said: “Nobody is going to disperse some kind of arms race. We intend, on the contrary, to build relations with all countries so that they were constructive.”

Speaking of defense spending, Putin said that the planned reduction in 2018 and 2019. “This will not lead to some problems in the defense, because the basic costs were made to create the newest weapons systems in previous years”, – said Putin.

The President stressed: “We need some things [military development] to bring to a logical conclusion, to continue existing development, which I have not said.” “Everyone counted us the money that we allocate for these purposes, it is enough, no increase in [costs] will not be here, no arms race, we will not allow. We have everything, we are reliable in this sense is secured,” – said the Russian leader.

Putin added that Moscow will try to solve all issues with other countries through political and diplomatic means, but in ensuring its own national interests.

“We will do everything to ensure that all disputes with our partners have been settled by political and diplomatic means,” Putin said at a meeting with candidates in presidents of the Russian Federation.

“Of course, needless to say, we always act on this assumption and we will proceed: we will fight for the maintenance of their national interests”, – stressed the head of state. According to him, Moscow will assume that “we will do all the work with our partners on a mutually acceptable basis, respecting each other and our national interests”.

“We will prepare ourselves and all of our partners to set the dialogue, of course, constructive. Of course, not everything depends on us: it is necessary to, as in love, – both parties were interested, otherwise no love is impossible,” – said the Russian leader.