The Russian Embassy demanded that the US provide evidence of “illegal actions” of Russia

WASHINGTON, March 22. /TASS/. The Russian Embassy in the United States has demanded that Washington provide evidence of “illegal actions” of Russia, which argues the American side, in the case of the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal in the UK. This is stated in the published in the Facebook comments of the Russian Embassy.

“We urge Washington to provide evidence referred to “illegal actions” of Russia. If available, this can be done quickly. Or to admit their absence and to apologize to us. That is what decent people”, – says the publication.

The diplomats also expressed their “surprise incompetent judgments” the chief a press-services of the Department of state Heather Nauert, which considers Russia responsible for the poisoning Skripal. “We remind you that any “violent” rhetoric in the dialogue with Russia is counterproductive. Prohibit its use for internal use we can not”, – noted in comments.

You need to understand

The Embassy point to the need for “clarification of facts” in the case of poisoning ex-GRU officer. “Our efforts to seek clarification of facts from our British colleagues on this incident in vain. Until they go out of their way in not backed by anything accusing Russia of poisoning its citizens, the attack on the UK. Frantically trying to persuade the partners to support her in this matter without presenting any facts,”- stated in the document.

“Sure, all understand perfectly, but in the atmosphere has engulfed the West hysteria Russophobes have aggressive behavior to hide the weakness of his “solidarity” position”, – said the diplomat. They urged the U.S. to understand this and to refer to the materials provided by the Russian side.

In comments to Embassy raises a number of issues relating to violations of the London Vienna Convention on consular relations, allegations of British government long before the court decision in the case Skripal, breaches of the Kingdom of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons. The diplomatic mission also appeals to the American side with questions about when it is followed by Damascus and Moscow eliminate its Arsenal of chemical weapons and on whether Washington “to declare lack technical capabilities of the USA to produce a poison of the type in which it accuses Moscow.”

The Embassy also urges the West to stop threatening Russia. “Enough to demonize Russia. Enough to threaten Russia and the Russian diplomats, which again, some politicians propose to send. Stop blaming us of all mortal sins,” – the document says.

On March 4, former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, sentenced in Russia for espionage in favour of great Britain, and his daughter Julia were in Salisbury, according to the British side, effects of nerve agents. Later London made a statement that this substance was supposedly developed in Russia, and on this basis accused Moscow of involvement in the incident. The Russian side has categorically denied all the speculation, arguing that programmes such substances neither in the USSR nor in Russia did not exist. Without presenting any evidence, London deported 23 of a Russian diplomat and expressed other anti-Russian measures, after which Moscow retaliated by sending out RF the same number of employees of the British Embassy, instructing to close the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Saint-Petersburg and to stop the activities of the British Council in Russia.