Putin called an important consolidation of citizens for the necessary breakthrough in the development of the country

MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. Powerful civic activism and the consolidation shown by the Russians in the presidential election on 18 March, are extremely important and indicate the willingness to work on a breakthrough in the development of the country. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a special televised address to the citizens after the announcement of the election results by the CEC.

The head of state recalled that immediately after the announcement of the first results of the vote on 18 March he spoke at a rally on Manezh square and in his campaign headquarters, thanking his supporters and everyone who participated in the elections. “That night it was timely and necessary,” Putin said. However, the President continued, given the massive and unprecedented support extended to it by citizens, he believes that only the words of gratitude spoken in the center of Moscow, is not enough.

“I feel an inner need to speak directly to you, to those who supported my candidacy across the country, to all citizens of Russia. I believe that such a powerful civic activity, your liability consolidation is extremely important. Especially in the current environment, in a difficult internal and external challenges that we face”, – said the Russian President, re-elected to the post after the elections on March 18.

The goal is a breakthrough in the development of the country

Putin stressed that well acquainted with the country’s problems. “You, citizens of Russia, rightly talk about the decline in revenues, the deficiencies in health, housing, and other areas, he said. – See your high trust above all hope for change for the better. I hope that this assessment, related to the work that has been done. With those positive results that we have achieved together in previous years”.

“This is not enough. We need a real breakthrough! And your active participation in the election, your support, see the willingness to work for such changes,” – said the head of state.

However, he stressed that he understands the enormous responsibility before citizens, before the country. “All I said in the election campaign, must be done”, he concluded.

No ostentatious gestures

According to Putin, he really wants to the citizens of the problems were resolved as quickly as possible and the government will aspire to. “But it would be absolutely irresponsible to promise to do it all immediately, right now, to change everything overnight. It would be a nice gesture ostentatious in a short-term immediate effect and we need a consistent, profound changes, well thought out steps that will yield sustainable positive results today and in future”, – said the head of state.

He added that will create new jobs and increase economic efficiency, increase real incomes and decrease poverty. The authorities intend to develop the infrastructure and the social sector, including education and health care, in solving environmental and housing problems, to update, to improve cities and towns. “And all this – on the basis of a powerful technological breakthrough, which we have to make,” – said Putin.

He recalled that talked about these problems the address to the Federal Assembly. “In fact it is clear, specific, detailed plan for our common actions, the President said. – I am sure that he is realistic, correct and justified”.

Open discussion of government decisions

Putin assured that the authorities will act openly and to discuss with citizens all the key decisions: “to Explain why do so, and not otherwise, what goals we want to achieve”.

The head of state stressed that “all future decisions, even the most complex, will be dictated by the need to overcome still existing in some areas lag to ensure the dynamic development of the country and new quality of life of people, give a response to the historic challenges we face.”

“And most importantly – any of these decisions ultimately will be made solely in the interests of our country, our citizens, for our children and future generations,” he added.

The unification of all political forces

Putin said that the agenda of development of the Russian Federation “is of a consolidating nature, national character, and should unite all.” Addressing “all public political forces of the country”, he noted that “criticism, debate, discussion is necessary and important, but they should not be irresponsible populism”. “The main point of reference for everyone, especially today, should serve national interests and the welfare of the people. This is the basis for our consolidation and collaboration,” – said the head of state.

“I appeal to those citizens who voted for other candidates. With respect to your position, your choice. Political preferences should not divide us, we are all patriots of their country. And we have one common concern – the fate of Russia, its prosperity,” the President continued.

Putin has noticed that in elections have taken part more than 67% of voters – more than 73 million citizens, and the incumbent head of state voted more than 76% of voters – more than 56 million people. “This is the highest level of support in the history of our country”, – said the President.

Putin added that “our unity, responsibility, a shared understanding of the goals, aspirations of millions of people we need to bring to the development of Russia, into a powerful movement forward.” “Thank You again for your support and trust. I’m sure together we will achieve success,” he concluded.

The results of the elections

The Central election Commission of Russia at session on Friday has approved the results of voting on presidential elections of the Russian Federation: a new six-year term, was elected acting head of state Vladimir Putin, won the election with the result 76,69% of the votes; second place went to the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin, he of 11.77%. The third result showed Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), received the 5.65% of the vote.

Next come the candidate of the party “Civil initiative” Ksenia Sobchak from 1.68%, the head of the Federal political Committee of the Yabloko party Grigory Yavlinsky (1,05%), the candidate from the Party of growth, the business Ombudsman Boris Titov (0,76%), the leader of the party “Communists of Russia” Maxim suraykin (0,68%), the candidate of the party “Russian people’s Union” Sergei Baburin (0,65%).