The CEC approved the election results of the President

MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. The CEC of the Russian Federation at session on Friday has summarized the official results of the elections held on 18 March the President of Russia. On a new six-year term re-elected Vladimir Putin, received 76,69% of the vote with a turnout of 67.5%.

After the announcement of the final results of voting, Putin made a special televised address to the Russians. He stressed that turnout was more than 73 million citizens, more than 56 million of whom supported his candidacy. “This is the highest level of support in the history of our country,” Putin said, thanking the citizens for their confidence.

76,69% of Russians voted for Putin

According to the Central election Commission of Russia the results of the voting, Putin scored 76,69% of the votes, in second place – the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin from 11.77%. The third was a leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, which received the 5.65%.

Next come the candidate of the party “Civil initiative” Ksenia Sobchak (1,68%), the head of the Federal political Committee of the Yabloko party Grigory Yavlinsky (1,05%), the candidate from the Party of growth, the business Ombudsman Boris Titov (0,76%), the leader of the “Communists of Russia” Maxim suraykin (0,68%), the candidate of the party “Russian people’s Union” Sergei Baburin (0,65%).

The voter turnout in the current ballot made up of 67.5%. According to the Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova, the total number of voters amounted to 109 million 8 thousand 428 people in the vote was attended by 73 million 578 thousand 992 voters. In the presidential election in 2012 was recorded a turnout at the level of 65,34%. Turnout, without which elections would be considered invalid, does not exist in Russia.

In the elections of the President of the Russian Federation abroad participated 474,6 thousand people on 32,3 thousand people more than in 2012. Pamfilova pointed out that the highest activity since 2000. According to the head of the CEC, Putin abroad voted 85,02% turnout of citizens, Grudinina – 5%, Sobchak at 4.05%, Zhirinovsky – 1,73%, Yavlinsky and 1.57%, Titova – 0,65%, Suraikin of 0.3%.

“The elected President of the Russian Federation Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich”, – has declared Pamfilova after was signed the final Protocol of the CEC. “The results in front of you, they are reliable and determined in strict accordance with Federal law,” she added.

The breaches were a little

According to the head of the CEC, despite the fact that the “elections were free, competitive and transparent”, the Commission continues the work on the “identification of possible dot violations.” “We are interested to perform and bring the [electoral] system to a higher level with the help of observers and media,” – said Pamfilova. Overall, she said, voting irregularities were few, and often they were intentionally provoked.

Even before the final results, the CEC stated that the number of violations that could call into question the results of will of voters in elections of the head of state had been committed. At today’s Commission meeting Pamfilova said that “this time was established an unprecedented system… screens from fraud”. “The system is foolproof, a provocateur, an offense” described by her head of the CEC. Also, she said, and tightened criminal liability for falsification of results of voting and the use of QR coding the final protocols of precinct election commissions has helped to ensure the transparency of elections.

Pamfilova said that the voting process at the polling stations on 18 March watched 356 thousand observers, including more than 150 thousand representatives of public chambers, Federal and regional, 105 thousand members of election commissions with deliberative vote, 1515 foreign and international observers from 115 countries and nearly 15 thousand accredited members of the media.

According to the official March 23, the results of the presidential election has been abolished on 16 sites and can be cancelled on seven. In addition, the court was removed three observers, and 12 observers and members of election commissions with deliberative vote were issued fines for obstructing the work of election commissions.

Speaking about the organization of monitoring stations abroad, Pamfilova noted that 12 foreign sections of the 401 have been filed 20 complaints of violations. According to the Chairman of the CEC, all claims have been promptly addressed.

She warned that the CEC will identify offenders who attempted to vote repeatedly, and unscrupulous representatives of the election commissions. Even Pamfilova has promised to protect the citizens openly about the pressure on them or about electoral violations. But the anonymous reporting of fraud, according to the head of the Commission, to send is unacceptable.

Pamfilova’s a pity that not all were able to participate

Pamfilova thanked all the participating candidates in the electoral race, noting that each showed a distinct personality, shared his ideas about the development of the country, “found in varying degrees of the voter”. However, the CEC Chairman expressed regret that some candidates are unable to participate in presidential elections because of his problems with the law, referring to opposition blogger Alexei Navalny.

However, according to her, it can’t detract from the competitiveness of the last campaign. She also noted that conversations about the alleged noncompetitive election is a “slap in the face” to all candidates.

“I hope that the government will take… the best ideas, the best approaches, thoughts of the opposition. [They] will be needed for the benefit of our society,” – said Pamfilova.

Consolidation companies

After the CEC approved the results of the elections in 2018, Vladimir Putin made a special televised address to the citizens. “I feel an inner need to speak directly to you – to those who supported my candidacy across the country, to all citizens of Russia. I believe that such a powerful civic activity, your liability consolidation is extremely important. Especially in the current environment, in a difficult internal and external challenges that we face”, – said the Russian President, re-elected to the post after the elections on March 18.

Recalling that he voted more than 76% of voters, more than 56 million people, Putin noted that “this is the highest level of support in the history of” Russia. “Our unity, responsibility, a shared understanding of the goals, aspirations of millions of people we need to bring to the development of Russia, into a powerful movement forward,” said re-elected head of state. “Thank you again for your support and trust. I’m sure together we will achieve success,” he thanked his constituents.

Putin stressed that well acquainted with the country’s problems. “I see your trust above all hope for change for the better, he said. – I hope that this assessment is related to the work that has been done. With those positive results that we have achieved together in previous years”.

“This is not enough, – declared Putin. – We need a real breakthrough! And your active participation in the election, your support, see the willingness to work for such changes”. He stressed that he is aware of its enormous responsibility to the citizens of Russia, and understands what needs to be done all of what he said during the election campaign.

Putin assured that the authorities will act openly and to discuss with citizens all the key decisions: “to Explain why do so, and not otherwise, what goals we want to achieve”.

“I appeal to those citizens who voted for other candidates. With respect to your position, your choice. Political preferences should not divide us, we are all patriots of their country. And we have one common concern – the fate of Russia, its prosperity,” the President continued.

After summing up elections, the CEC shall, within three days to officially publish them. In addition, the presidential candidates will have to submit to the CEC their final financial reports, which shall also be published.

The President-elect shall take office upon the expiration of six years from the date of inauguration of the President, defeated in previous elections. In 2012, the inauguration of Vladimir Putin took place on 7 may. His press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, on Friday pledged to further inform about the date of inauguration of the President following a six-year term.