Bloomberg: the head of the U.S. Department of Commerce plans to release a number of countries from the duty on steel may 1

NEW YORK, April 29. /TASS/. The Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross announced plans of Washington to see the number of countries from import duties on steel and aluminum in the United States. These concessions will come into force on 1 may when expires the same exemptions, reported on Sunday Agency of business news Bloomberg.

According to him, Ross had informed about this in an interview in Washington on Saturday. The Minister of trade did not disclose which States will be temporarily exempted from paying the above mentioned fees. Officially, these countries will be announced Monday, April 30.

In addition U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser, negotiations on this subject with the European Union oversees Wilbur Ross. His Agency also deals with exemption from additional customs duties of certain goods that fall under customs duties.

On Friday at a press conference with President Donald trump in Washington, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that he discussed with him the issue of the possible introduction in may of the duties on iron, steel and aluminum products from the EU and that “the decision rests with the President” of the USA. On Saturday, Merkel held telephone talks with President of France Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, during which the leaders of the three countries underlined the EU’s readiness to protect its trade interests in the imposition of U.S. duties on European products.