The European Commission proposed to link payments from the EU budget in compliance with the rules of the community

BRUSSELS, 2 may. /TASS/. The European Commission has proposed a legally reconcile payments from the EU budget in compliance with the community principles of the rule of law in the next seven-year EU budget cycle (from 2021 to 2027). This is stated in the published statement of the European Commission.

The total amount proposed by the EC of the EU budget for seven years was €1279 billion EU Budget in the upcoming seven-year cycle (2014-2020) is €1087 billion.

If the initiative of the EC by linking payments to the respect of community rules is approved, Poland, which Brussels has claims on judicial reform, and Hungary, which refuses to accept quota refugees, the EU may be short of their payments from the European budget.

Another innovative measure was the proposal to introduce for the first time in the history of direct tax to the EU budget, which to date consisted only of national States ‘ contributions. The European Commission has proposed an environmental database for the first European tax, which will be charged in proportion to the volume processed in each EU country of plastic waste.

Now the proposal of the European Commission will discuss the member countries and the European Parliament. They must be approved in 2020 the European Parliament and the EU Council and will be a key financial planning tool of the community for the next seven-year budget cycle.

The annual budgets of the EU in this period will have to be decided strictly within the promising seven-year EU budget and on the basis of laid down in the principles.