CSR proposes to introduce a post of Deputy Prime Minister or the Minister of the digitization of public administration

MOSCOW, may 4. /TASS/. Center for strategic research (CSR) proposes to introduce a separate position of Deputy Prime Minister for digital transformation of public administration or the Minister responsible for this area. This is stated in the CSR report, received by TASS.

“Digital transformation needs to be managed at the level of Deputy Prime Minister for digital transformation (or the Minister subject to the availability of Deputy Prime Minister for public administration reform), which governs the Center for digital transformation,” the report said. Each authority must appear zamrukovoditelja responsible for the digital transformation Chief Digital Officer (CDO senior Manager or Director of digital transformation), which will report to the Deputy Prime Minister, the report said.

At CSR believe that the Center of the digital transformation needs to be passed the entire budget that is allocated to the automation of the authorities. “Undoubtedly, at the first stage will require the allocation of this budget on maintaining existing systems and development objectives. But the Center of digital transformation needs to develop rules allowing to develop systems that have the prospects in the digital economy, and phasing out outdated, which can be replaced by a new platform of solutions” – I believe in CSR.

According to experts, the current state of the public administration system in Russia does not meet modern challenges. For a successful digital transformation system of government in Russia “will have to act as an advanced IT Corporation”, according to CSR. “Implement digital transformation, which involves the transition to the state platform is quite difficult. The existing system of management is interested in the preservation of its current condition as long as possible. So must be arranged the deployment process and transition from current management practices to promising,” experts say in the report, specifying the necessity of coordination and supporting the process “at the highest level.” The chief architect of the unified state of the digital platform should become a Center for digital transformation of public administration is controlled by the appropriate Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister, believe in CSR.

State unified digital platform

In the report “Government as platform” CSR experts talk about the need to create a common government digital platform that will unite the variety of departmental systems and will be the basis for interaction between civil servants, business and government. According to the proposals of the CSR platform should be based on a single database, and every citizen and organisation will appear on your “digital double”. This platform will serve as a basis for the formation of a new system of public administration. Thus, all public services must be translated into electronic form with the system of remote biometric identification. Digital should be cooperation in the field of Supervisory and licensing activities. Assistant in routine operation will be solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, and civil servants will be able to focus on the conclusions.

At CSR believe that the interaction of man and the state will change radically. “The government will move from providing a single “point” of services with state (departmental) information systems (GIS) and databases to complex decision situations of man, which is based on a single array of data and algorithms working with them, jointly developed by the Federal bodies of Executive power. Thus through the use of modern technologies, such citizens will be more effectively protected from unauthorized access, and reliable backup will prevent their loss,” reads the report.

CSR experts say that a common government digital platform should work as follows: after identifying the citizen will receive proposals from the various platform services of the state. For example, at birth gasservice will automatically provide charging to a Bank card of the mother of all the payments will be directed to the address of the residence of the parents on the birth certificate, will carry out the automatic correction of “electronic registry of residents” and will write down the child in preschool institution”, – noted in the CSR. In the future, to a common digital platform can also connect and services developed by commercial organizations – to this end should develop specific standards, and interfaces specified in the CSR. Citizens should have the possibility to access the digital ecosystem not only with a desktop computer but also from mobile devices, experts say.

The creation of a common government digital platform is estimated to CSR, will reduce the level of expenditures on General expenses of 0.3% of GDP by 2024, will provide targeted state support, will increase the speed of processes and will allow for remote monitoring of objects of control and supervision. Reduce administrative costs, reduce the burden on companies for reporting. In addition, implementation of a common government digital platform, including, will give impetus to the development of the regions: bridging the gap in management quality between them and the centre, will give a decisive impetus to the elimination of “digital inequality” and provide the same opportunities to use modern technology.

The idea of creation in Russia of a unified platform of public services is not new – with such initiative the Ministry of communications acted in 2017. In the beginning of 2018, the Ministry has launched a beta version of a unified platform of public services gov.ru that will link all government web sites with content and services.