“B”: Ukraine ICAO drew to a dispute with Russia over Antonov aircraft

MOSCOW, may 4. /TASS/. Ukraine sent the complaint to the International civil aviation organization (ICAO) Federal air transport Agency, which approves the operation of Antonov aircraft, including freighters, without the participation of the Ukrainian concern “Antonov”, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to Kiev, the aviation authorities of Russia to create “a dangerous precedent posing a threat to the life, health, ecology and infrastructure” countries, where you can find Antonov aircraft, the newspaper said.

According to “Kommersant”, in the middle of 2017 airworthiness in Russia there were about 400 boats, CB “Antonov”. The most common, according to GosNIIGA, was An-24 and An-26 (236 pieces). The holder of the type certificate “ANOVA” stands of Antonov company. The manufacturer is obliged to support the certificate, to provide supervision in the manufacture, maintenance and repair. However, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea has complicated the aviation cooperation between the two countries.

The Federal air transport Agency of “Kommersant” explained that “coercive measures” as “Antonov” is presented to operators of Russia “unreasonable requirements” on the provision of end-user certificates, were systematically late on the tolerance of aircraft to practice the next stage is already assigned to the resource and service life, as well as changes to the type design. In addition, Antonov is “unreasonably inflated” the cost of their services, and the offer of the Federal air transport Agency to share work within the tolerance of planes to the next stages of the assigned resources and time of service of the Ukrainian concern is not answered.