The protection of the Crimean bridge in 2018, will cost about 54 million rubles

SIMFEROPOL, may 7. /TASS/. Management of Federal highways “Taman” – the customer of the Crimean bridge – reported purchases for the protection of transport crossing through the Kerch Strait worth of 53.9 million rubles from a single supplier. This is evidenced by data released on Monday on the public procurement portal.

As stated in the materials procurement, we are talking about the provision of services for the protection of transport crossing through the Kerch Strait (part of the highway A-290 Novorossiysk – Kerch from 141 to 160 kilometers). The procedure is designed for a single supplier, the organization name is not specified.

The document says that by the end of 2018 (that is, in the first year of operation of the road part of the Crimean bridge) for services for the protection of the transport passage will be paid 53,91 million. The funds will be allocated from the Federal budget.

As explained TASS source in the road sector of the southern Federal district, it is about the physical security of the whole road part of the Crimean bridge, to do this, according to the order of Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, should FGUP “Management of the departmental security of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation”.

Previously the order was published on the official Internet portal of legal information in April of the current year, signed by the acting Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov. According to him, the state should take custody of not only the bridge itself but the approaches to Krasnodar and the Crimean coast.

The construction of the bridge

A bridge to the Crimea is the longest in Russia and one of the largest in Europe, its length is 19 km. It starts on the Taman Peninsula, runs along the five-kilometer dam and the island of Tuzla, then crosses the Kerch Strait, skirting the North Cape AK-breaker and goes to the Crimean coast, includes two parallel spaced tracks for cars and trains. The movement of vehicles on the bridge will open in the second half of may – before the scheduled December deadline.

Crimean bridge erected at the expense of the Federal budget in the framework of the Federal target program (FTP) “Socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020” without Fund-raising. The total cost of the project is 227,92 billion.

In connection with plans for the early opening of the bridge the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation is considering a staged traffic management scheme along the new route through the Kerch Strait. At the first stage – just after entering the bridge – passage is open for passenger vehicles and buses providing passenger services.