Putin called for the strengthening of the economic sovereignty of Russia

MOSCOW, may 8. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers it necessary to strengthen the economic sovereignty of the country, than help the anti-Russian sanctions.

“We need to raise the level of its economic sovereignty, but it is not a linear decision,” – said the head of state at a plenary session of the state Duma. He explained: “Oil is traded in dollars on the stock exchange”. “And, of course, we think we need to do in order to free yourself from this burden, moreover, our partners help us by introducing all these restrictions are unlawful, violating the principles of world trade, because the whole world sees that the monopoly of the dollar is unreliable, it is dangerous for many, not only for us,” Putin said.

According to him, “it’s not just isolation from the dollar, and we are talking about the need to improve our economic sovereignty.” “It is absolutely correct. We over the previous decades in the hope that it will be adhered to the stated principles in the field of world trade, the global economy, we were somewhat naive, and now we see that WTO rules are often violated, restrictions are for political reasons, called the sanctions”, – said the Russian leader.

He stressed that “we enter all new and new [restrictions] in order to provide yourself-a favorite of competitive advantage.” “How else to explain, say, the decisions of [the United States] in the sphere of aluminium or metals in General? Only this,” – says the President of the Russian Federation.

“Our foreign exchange reserves diversifitsiruetsya, and we’ll continue to do it. It is subtle, quiet setting [on the strengthening of the economic sovereignty of the Russian Federation], we will in this direction”, – Putin said.

Additional 1.2 trillion rubles to the budget

According to him, the state at the expense of the General system of measures in the economy calculates to 1.2 trillion rubles of additional revenue. “There are so-called General system of measures, I won’t just list them, they seem small, but for each of them we hope to receive 300-400 billion (rubles). Overall – 1 trillion 200 billion (rubles)”, – said Putin.

“It’s true, we do not expect (in international markets). But this does not mean that we should abandon this, no. More than promoting our products on international markets, we make them globally competitive, and that means we raise the level of their own production within the country. This means that we have a domestic consumer will use the goods and services not inferior to the world analogues, and best of all – beyond their counterparts, ” he said.

“If we semcams and we like cucumbers in a barrel to pickle yourself – nothing good will come of it. Only the cucumbers become more delicious – and that’s where you need to add something, as the experts say. Therefore, we should not engage in self-isolation,” he said.

Putin believes that for some types of industries of the Russian Federation has reached such a level that the Russian domestic market for these products is not enough. Such industries include petrochemicals and metals, is now becoming a competitive agriculture, Putin said.

“We are fighting for the Chinese pork market still. Not yet achieved the desired result, but I hope our Chinese friends will react. Already some steps are taken in this direction”, – he said, adding that if China can block access to American consumer goods in its domestic market, Russia will be “right there with the pigs”.