Rosstandart approved the national standard on liquid for electronic cigarettes

MOSCOW, may 10. /TASS/. Rosstandart approved the first national standard of the Russian Federation on liquid for electronic delivery systems nicotine (wapow) regulating the availability of ingredients used, packaging requirements and methods of checking of conformity of products to quality standards. This is stated in the materials Department.

The document is voluntary for the market participants and shall enter into force on 1 June 2018.

“For production of liquid for electronic delivery systems nicotine (ISDN) used the raw material of nicotine, salts of nicotine with a purity of at least 98%”, – stated in the document. The purity of the other ingredients used for the manufacture of such liquids should also be not lower than 94-95%.

According to the document, the liquid to ESDN placed by the manufacturer in a portion packaging, in bottles or directly in ESDN industrial way. Thus, in accordance with the requirements, the bottle must be sealed, it must be free of defects and leaks, and it needs to be available to the unsealing of the children.

All the necessary information – type of product, its name, the name and address of the manufacturer and the content of nicotine in the liquid must be marked on the package in Russian language. Inscription on white background “Nicotine is addictive” should be printed in capital letters in black colour clear, readable font. The document also reglamentary control methods and sampling liquids for electronic systems nicotine delivery methods and the content of nicotine in the liquid.

The market participants

“The national standard is a voluntary GOST, which allows conscientious manufacturers to confirm product quality and set the standards for packaging of such products: protection of children, comprehensive information about the product and a warning that nicotine is addictive. The consumer will be able to choose to buy an unnamed product that no one knows who and where produced, or a product, manufactured and packaged in accordance with the standard,” explained the Director of legal Affairs and unexplorative relations “BAT Russia” Yana Guskova.

In her view, the emergence of a national standard for liquid together with standard heated tobacco, introduced in July of 2017, creates a regulatory framework for prudential regulation of the market.

Vice-President of JTI, corporate Affairs and communications Russia Sergey Golovko emphasized that the national standard sets out a clear technical criteria for production, thus guaranteeing consumers the quality of the products they purchase. In the future, the national standard may be used as the basis for establishing a system of mandatory technical regulations liquids for electronic systems delivery nicotine in Russia, he said.

“The introduction of the standard on liquid for electronic delivery systems nicotine is another step towards the creation of a new category of smokeless products with potentially reduced-risk able in the future to replace traditional cigarettes,” said Vice-President for corporate Affairs of affiliated companies “Philip Morris international” in Russia Sergey Slipchenko.

He noted that the adoption of a uniform national standard is an important first step to ensure basic requirements for the quality and safety of these products, and will further build a base for the development of its separate regulation.

“In view of essential differences from traditional tobacco products, we believe that the regulation of innovative products should be based on scientific evidence about their potential to reduce harm to health of smokers and society as a whole”, – concluded Slipchenko.