CNN: ex-assistant trump is lobbying the interests of En+ to move it out from under US sanctions

NEW YORK, may 13. /TASS/. A former assistant to the President Brian Lanza will help the Russian companies En+ Group, which controls RUSAL, has partially or completely come out from under the sanctions imposed by Washington. This was reported Saturday by CNN.

According to her, Lanza and his Washington firm Mercury Public Affairs has signed a contract with En+ Group to protect its interests in the United States. The contract provides for lobbists activity that is legal in the United States. The Lanza will represent the management of the company, but not its largest shareholder Oleg Deripaska.

The U.S. government on April 6 announced the introduction of sanctions against several Russian officials, businessmen and companies. Among them was Oleg Deripaska. In the list of companies includes the related company RUSAL, the holding Basic element, En+ and “Russian machines”, “the EuroSibEnergo”, “GAZ Group”, the investment company B-Finance and agro-holding “Kuban”.

The assets of the companies placed under restrictions, the freeze on the United States. Initially, the Finance Ministry withdrew until may 7 to American investors got rid of shares and bonds of En+, RUSAL and GAS, and by 5 June – broke contracts with all companies mentioned in the list. Then the term of the severance of relations with “RUSAL” has been extended until 23 October.

Earlier, Deripaska agreed to reduce the share in the controlling RUSAL, En+ Group is below 50% and leave its Board of Directors. En+ is an integrated manufacturer of aluminium and electricity. The company integrates power plants with a capacity of 19.7 GW and aluminum plants with capacity of 3.9 million tons per year (through a controlling stake in RUSAL), which are the main consumer of energy produced. The largest shareholder of En+ Group Deripaska is.