Kudrin said the main areas he would like to develop in the chamber

MOSCOW, may 14. /TASS/. The head of CSR Alexei Kudrin said the main areas he would like to develop at the head of the accounting chamber. This opinion he expressed on his official page in Facebook.

Secondly, in his opinion, “in line with the call time increased efforts are needed to improve methods of control: including the move towards greater digitalization of control process, greater use of a risk-based approach to more flexibly control the implementation of innovative programs”.

Besides, according to Kudrin, audit chamber is the institution of parliamentary and public control implies full and unconditional openness of the audit.

“In particular, the chamber should be openly and continuously inform the public about the implementation of stated national goals and strategic objectives. In addition, in recent years, we have established and tested mechanisms for open and proactive budgeting to allow citizens to actively participate in the budget process and control over it. Need to continue to develop these institutions,” he said.

Kudrin also said that “in the fight against corruption should focus not only for us to catch the culprits behind a hand, but primarily to create anti-corruption mechanisms, to minimize opportunities for them”.

“I should add that in recent years, under the guidance of Tatiana Alekseyevna Golikova, the accounts chamber already largely adopts these principles actively and visibly working. For these reasons I accepted the nomination for the post of Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation. I thank the State Duma deputies for their trust in me,” said he.

The head of CSR also expressed hope that the centre will continue to demand, including in the interaction with the accounts chamber.