The Central Bank intends to more than 2-fold increase in market share of card transactions “World” in 2018

MOSCOW, may 17. /TASS/. The Bank of Russia plans in 2018 to increase the market share of transactions on the cards “the World” up to 15% from 6.7%, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova in the state Duma.

“Our task now is to focus on how to build up operation on the cards “the World”. In 2017, total transaction for all customers in all payment systems in Russia, “World” accounted for about 6.7 percent, which is very good, given the fact that we started active production in the second half of 2017,” she said.

“The number of cards “the World” in the total number of all issued cards in Russia is 12%. In 2018 we plan to approach the figure of 15% of the total volume of transactions continue to increase for years,” – said Skorobogatova.

The reason for the creation of the payment card “the World” became the sanctions imposed by the US on Russia in the spring of 2014. Because of them, 21 March 2014, the two largest payment systems Visa and MasterCard without notice blocked card operations of several Russian banks. In December 2014, Visa and MasterCard stop servicing Bank cards in Crimea and Sevastopol (their work on the Peninsula resumed in April 2015).

To avoid repeating this scenario in 2014 the same year it was created joint-stock company “national system of payment cards” (nvqs), before which were set two tasks: creation of a center for processing domestic transactions by cards of international payment systems, issuing and promotion of national payment card. Starting in 2015, all card transactions from Visa and MasterCard pass through the NPCs. At the same time was developed and the map “the World”.