The origin of jewelry from 2019 it will be possible to determine with a smartphone

MOSCOW, may 17. /TASS/. Industrial marking jewelry in Russia will begin on 1 January 2019, told reporters Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. It will allow the buyers to track the origin of jewelry with your smartphone.

In the first stage, the labeling is performed not on the product, and on the tag, he explained. “It will be located two-dimensional code, machine-readable, including use of a smartphone. That is, the person buying the product can use your smartphone to find out where the gold or stone, where the product was affilirovano, cut, collected,” explained Moses.

He confirmed that from 1 January in accordance with the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, all products will be marked on the tags for the special two-dimensional machine-readable code.

“As for the marking stones and rings, then it will happen as the technological readiness of both producers and regulatory authorities. Of course, the main burden will fall on state agencies that will procure the appropriate equipment,” – said the Deputy Minister.

According to him, the first marking will relate to the “larger, more expensive products,” then all the others. When Moses said that “small and cheap articles will not be marked”. In particular, there were marks of silver.

He recalled that since June 1, will start the pilot phase for labelling of products. “At the first stage it would not apply markings directly to products, and will address information flows,” said Moses. He explained that the cooperation will be built between the FCS assay chamber and Gokhran. Pilot a system of tracking the origin of jewelry has developed Goznak.