Putin: cross-Years of Russia and Japan will increase the trust between residents of the two countries

MOSCOW, may 26. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that the cross-Years of Russia and Japan will promote the intensification of contacts between residents of the two countries and enhance trust between them.

“Sure,” cross “year will intensify contacts in various fields, the development of direct social contacts between people, will increase the level of mutual trust between our peoples, and therefore, will consolidate the Foundation of bilateral cooperation”, – said Putin, speaking at the opening ceremony of the cross years of Russia and Japan, which takes place at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.

The head of state noted that many events will be held in the Russian far East. “It is natural. Japanese investors have long been successfully operating here involved in high-tech projects implemented on the territories of priority development,” he said, adding that “this positive experience should be encouraged and extended to other regions of our country.”

Putin called for the establishment of closer contacts between the representatives of expert and non-governmental organizations, scientific and creative intelligentsia.

“Program Years provided numerous contacts between parliamentarians, scientific, student and youth exchanges”, – he reminded. The Russian President promised that in Japan there will be numerous tours of Russian creative groups, as well as various exhibitions and Russian film Week.

“Again, I stress that the implementation of the project cross year will contribute to further strengthening of relations of good-neighbourliness and partnership between Russia and Japan”, – concluded Putin.