The Ambassador of the Russian Federation: Moscow will not accept unsubstantiated allegations of involvement in the crash of MH17

SYDNEY, may 27. /TASS/. Russia is ready to continue to assist the investigation of the crash Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine in July 2014, but not going “meekly to accept unsubstantiated accusations”. This statement was made on Sunday, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Australia, Grigory Logvinov, commenting on the decision of the Australian government, together with the Dutch government to put forward against the Russian official allegations of involvement in the crash of the aircraft and bring Moscow to the international responsibility.

“The Australian government in the face of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and foreign Minister Julie Bishop flatly supported more than controversial conclusions of the Joint investigative group (SSG), moreover, demanded that Russia was on “repentance” and agreed “amount of compensation” to the victims of the MH17 crash, the Ambassador said. – Their attitude to quality of work SSG we have repeatedly expressed. Our entire argument was repeatedly brought to the attention of the world community”.

“No matter what, all our proposals on the joint serious, solid, professional work rejected out of hand. There is the familiar handwriting, rough, clumsy algorithm. Organizes dirty provocation in advance by the guilty party. The so-called investigation is conducted almost exclusively through social media and some international NGOs, have long mired fakes, primitive fraud, and so forth,” – said the diplomat.

Canberra ignores the rebuttal

“Serious legal, physical and other data to refute all those fake stuffing, shamelessly rejected and ignored, – said Logvinov. This nefarious handwriting is perfectly evident in so-called business Skrobala, “chemical dossier” of Syria, formerly in fabricating pretexts for military assaults on Yugoslavia and Iraq.”

The Ambassador recalled the Malaysian “Boeing-777”, carrying out 7-8 March 2014 flight MN370 Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and disappeared into the Indian ocean. “Tellingly, the now re-invigorated attention to the investigation of the disappearance of flight MN370 in connection with the emergence of the expert’s conclusions, documenting possible errors in the wastewater of the international investigation team version. While the Australian government does not deny the probability that they went on the wrong track that they even hint do not allow the tragedy of MH17,” – said the diplomat.

“Thus, there is a blatant double standard, just confirming that we are dealing with a pre-planned provocation, which killed the passengers of flight MH17, including Australian citizens, – said the Ambassador. – Anyway, Russia is ready to continue to provide investigate assistance to establish the truth about the death of flight MH17, and the real culprits have incurred fair punishment. But it’s time to get rid of the illusion that we supposedly can talk to the Prosecutor’s tone and expect that we meekly accept these unproven accusations”.