Putin said XI Jinping sincere man

MOSCOW, June 6. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the Chinese President as a sincere person with whom it is interesting not only to discuss the problems of the world, but we can do private parties and drink a glass of vodka. Impressions from years of communication with the Chinese leaders, the Russian President said in an interview to the Media of China, which he gave on the eve of his visit to China.

“Probably, the President XI Jinping is the only leader of all the world leaders with whom I had to mark one of his birthdays, – shared memories of Putin. – I have not developed anyone relationship, and working hours, so I celebrated my birthday with someone from their foreign colleagues. But with President XI Jinping we did it.”

Most likely it is about celebrating the 61st birthday of Vladimir Putin, which coincided with his work at the APEC summit in Bali October 7, 2013. Putin said that no special celebrations arranged was not. “I will not hide, drank a glass of vodka, just cut some sausage,” he said, noting that XI Jinping is “a very accessible and humanly sincere person”. “But at the same time a very reliable partner. You can be sure that if you and President XI Jinping have agreed on something, then I, and I know that he and his party, always committed to fulfilling our obligations”, – assured the head of state.

Another factor which unites the two leaders, according to the President of the Russian Federation, was the desire of both for maximum results in their work for the good of each person in their own country. “He’s a good analyst and it’s interesting to discuss world issues and economic issues. So this is for me a very comfortable partner, a good and reliable friend,” – concluded Putin.

However, the President of the Russian Federation kept secret, what gift he will bring June 8, XI Jinping, when you come to visit China.

“What would that be a surprise if I say that I will bring him [the Chinese President]? – Putin said, answering a request to disclose the secret. – Let it be until a secret which will remain between me and you.” “I then you whisper in my ear”, – joked the head of state in response to a reporter’s question.

On the question of why Putin brought XI Jinping in 2016 as a gift a box of ice cream, the head of state admitted: “I was brought in because the President XI Jinping mentioned that he likes Russian ice cream, so I brought him a gift.” “We exchanged some trifles,” – said the Russian leader.

Also in the interview, the Russian leader shared his plans to try Qingdao’s famous local beer.

“Yes, I’d love to try, the President said, answering a question whether he had the Board to try the seafood and beer, which is famous for this seaside town. And I love seafood, and beer, trying really hard not to eat, but want to try and definitely will do it.”

Qingdao is a major economic center in China’s Eastern Shandong province on the shore of the Yellow sea. Here are located representative offices of banks, the production capacity of many big companies and representative offices of many international firms. However, since the submission of Germany Qingdao is one of the major centers of brewing in China.