The mayoral candidate from the Communist party goes on elections with the program to combat social inequality

MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. Candidate for mayor of Moscow from the Communist party Vadim Kumin will go to elections with the programme “Moscow – people”, providing for the fight against social inequality, the establishment of industrial cluster, the reduction of the municipality and the strengthening of the status of the deputies of the Moscow city Duma. He said this to journalists on Friday.

According to Cumin, Moscow is now “tiered”. “Atomized space, and we almost have now social stratification, segregation. It [Moscow] is divided into districts, in each of these areas a different level of life,” he said.

Cumin stressed that Moscow should become a more social city. “My friends have prepared a program called “Moscow – the people,” he said.

According to Cumin, the city “is above all the people” and not “bike paths, we shift constantly tile, artificial cherry or endless fair”.

Apartments, industry and the Moscow city Duma

One of the main theses of the program he called “the housing question”, which is “still not solved”. A Communist believes that the city “went on about the developers,” and it must be fought.

“In fact, today they impose their agenda, will do anything to cut costs. So we get instead of a normal stone housing ghettos on the outskirts of the city,” said the candidate. He believes that the city should become a major investor and a landlord. “Remember the Soviet times, many of us have actually lived in a rented from the state apartments,” added Cumin.

Moscow should be formed “industrial cluster enterprises”, as now in the city there is no large-scale production, he “lives by trade,” said Cumin.

Touches on in his program, he and “the main object of hatred of the” Muscovites – paid Parking. “Just introduced a fee for Parking, the city is not unloaded. This issue is not resolved,” he said.

Cumin also offers to reduce the staff of the municipality and to restore the authority of the Moscow city Duma. “When [the previous mayor Yuri] Luzhkov and the powers of the deputies of the city Duma no one questioned did not put. This was a man who could solve the issues of Muscovites to go in any room of city hall, all the doors were open,” he said, adding that “now the municipality does not meets with deputies of the city Duma”.

Cumin said that going to the polls “with a light heart” and is ready for a serious fight.