Putin urged the G7 to “stop talking” and move to specific issues

QINGDAO /China/, June 10. /TASS/. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to “stop the chatter” type of the case of poisoning in the UK former employee of the GRU and his daughters, and go to specific issues. He stated this at a press conference following his visit to China.

“As for the words about the destabilizing actions, as well as in certain other events, in particular, all showed solidarity with London about well-known events in Salisbury, but again nothing specific was said. All they say “with high probability”, solidarity in this connection there is on some shaky ground. I think we need to stop all this creative talk and move on to specific issues related to real cooperation,” Putin said.

Thus he commented on the statement by G7 leaders, who demanded that Moscow stop supporting the Syrian government. In a communiqué at the summit “the Big seven”, in particular, contains a call to stop “destabilizing activities”, “undermining the democratic system” and “support of the Syrian regime.”

The Russian President called for calm and ironic to treat the disagreements within the G7.

“This [the differences in such associations] common practice, it is necessary to treat it quietly and without irony,” – said the head of state in response to the question about the situation in the seventh.

“Whatever happens, he added. – If we look at how we place the discussion in the EEC – we, too, disputes arise, and also not everything all at once sign”.

According to him, in detail with the differences, identified by the last summit “the seven”, Putin is not familiar. “Of course, it is of interest, it is [the members of the Group of seven largest economies of the world,” he said. “We see that there are internal problems,” he added.

Russia did not come from the G8, it is other countries refused to attend the summit in Russia, but Moscow will be glad to see you all at home, Putin added.

“With regard to the return of Russia in “seven” – “eight”: we from it did not go, – said the head of state. Colleagues at the time refused to come to Russia for known reasons. Please we will be happy to see you all here in Moscow”.

Responding to a comparison of the effectiveness of the SCO and the G7, Putin agreed that the purchasing power parity of the countries of the SCO has outstripped the country’s “seven”. “If calculated per capita, that is, “semëročnoj” country richer, but the economy of the SCO countries more, – said Putin. – Well, the number of the population [in the SCO], of course, much greater: half the population of the globe”.

In the text of the final Declaration adopted on Saturday after two days of the summit “seven” in Canada, the G7 leaders also expressed readiness to strengthen sanctions against Russia if its actions do require. However, they linked the lifting of sanctions against Russia with the implementation of the Moscow Minsk agreements. At the same time leaders of the group of seven said they would continue to cooperate with Russia in resolving international crises, however, clarified that this is possible only in the case when the observed interests of the G7.

The leaders of the “group of seven” agreed with the assessment of the UK, Russia with high probability it is behind the incident in Salisbury. The chief doctor of the district hospital Salisbury Cara Charles-barks reported on may 18 that Sergei Skripal was discharged from the hospital. About the statement of his daughter Julia became known on April 10.