Russian Ambassador to U.S.: Russia follows international norms and no their will not impose

WASHINGTON, June 13. /TASS/. Russia as a responsible participant of international life, it does not impose its will, values and follows globally accepted standards. On Tuesday said Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov, speaking at a reception in the Executive body of the Russian Embassy on the occasion of Russia Day.

“Russia is an influential and responsible participant of international life. We do not impose neither their will nor their values, firmly following the rules of international law”, – said the head of the diplomatic mission. He also noted that Moscow’s objective is “extremely clear”. This, according to him, “the security of our borders and create favourable external conditions for the solution of urgent tasks of internal development.”

In his speech, Antonov said that June 12 – “this is the date that marks the beginning of fundamental change”, when the country “had to find their own path to building a new political and economic system”. “It took a tremendous effort to get through this difficult time defending state sovereignty, while maintaining their own values and strengthening the internal solidarity of the nation,” he recalled.

“Russia has coped with many challenges. We were able to provide, despite the tough foreign policy and foreign economic conditions, sustainable development of our country and create conditions for steady progress,” – said the Ambassador.

Antonov also noted that USA and Russia can do much to enhance international peace and security, cooperation would enable both countries to better respond to similar challenges.

“We are interested in stable and predictable relations with the USA. Our countries can do much to enhance international peace and security,” – said Antonov.

“We all face similar challenges, which could respond much more effectively by acting together. The Russian side are ready for such work”, – assured the head of the diplomatic mission. “As repeatedly emphasized by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, our country is open to dialogue on all issues of global security, ready for constructive and equal partnership for the sake of harmony, peace and progress on the planet,” – said Antonov.

Addressing the guests, he mentioned that Russia starts the world championship on football. According to Antonov, it is noteworthy that, “according to the International Federation of football supporters from the United States leads in the number of purchased tickets for the championship among foreigners”. “I hope that all who come to Russia, will receive unforgettable impressions not only from this tournament but also from the experience of our rich culture, history and natural attractions”, – concluded the diplomat.