Lavrentyev said that the new Congress on Syria in Sochi is not planned yet

GENEVA, June 19. /TASS/. Carrying out in Sochi of the second Congress of the Syrian national dialogue in the near future is not planned. This was stated on Tuesday in Geneva, the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the Syrian settlement, Alexander Lavrentiev.

Answering a question from TASS at a briefing for Russian journalists about whether the planned carrying out in Sochi of the new Congress of the Syrian national dialogue, he said, “It is a question of the future. Now early to speak about it. The conduct [of the Congress] in the near future is not planned”.

Laurentius, however, reminded that the Congress in Sochi, which took place in January of this year, “adopted a historic decision was the starting point for the work of the constitutional Committee at the Geneva platform.” “An event of this scale can be spent elsewhere – perhaps in the same Damascus, he suggested. – If the circulation to hold this event in Sochi, we can provide your site again maybe in a different format – more wide”.

30 January, Sochi hosted the Congress of the Syrian national dialogue. The participants agreed to form a constitutional Commission (a list of approved candidates consisting of 150 persons: 100 people from the government taking into account the internal moderate opposition and 50 from the outside of the opposition), which together with the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura will begin to prepare the proposals for the Constitution of Syria.

Meeting in Astana format

Special envoy of the Russian President also said that the countries – guarantors of a ceasefire in Syria (Iran, Russia and Turkey) will hold the next meeting in late July – early August in Sochi.

“We have agreed with our Iranian and Turkish colleagues an approximate date is the end of July – beginning of August,” he said, adding that the meeting could take place in the period from 30 July to 3 August.

Lawrence recalled that the decision to “hold the next meeting in Astana format in Sochi” was made at the end of the ninth round of talks on Syria in Astana, held on may 14-15. “We hope that by this time [late July] we will witness certain progress in the formation of the [Syrian] constitutional Committee,” said the diplomat.

He said that Astana “has been held nine times, the tenth will be in Sochi, and the eleventh and twelfth may, again in Astana”.

Meeting of the delegation of the Russian Federation from “Riyadh” opposition group

The delegation of Russia participated on 18-19 June in Geneva consultations on Syria with representatives of Iran, Turkey and the UN, also met with Syrian opposition groups, including “Riyadh,” said Lavrentiev.

He said that the delegation of the Russian Federation, in addition to meetings with Iranian and Turkish partners, “held consultations with representatives of the “Moscow”, “Cairo”, “Astana” groups [the Syrian opposition], as well as with the delegates of the “Riyadh” group, i.e. the group Nasr al-Hariri.

Discussed primarily the representation of the opposition in the Syrian constitutional Committee. “Russia’s position is that the opposition should be represented in the allocated quota for her in the most extended format”, – said the Lavrentiev. Such representation will allow to avoid future claims by any of the opposition groups that its interests were not taken into account,” he explained.

Consultations of the countries – guarantors of the truce in Syria (Russia, Iran, Turkey) with special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura continued on Tuesday, more than two hours. Emissary assessed the meeting as very useful and productive. Interview with special envoy was preceded by a separate meeting between Russia, Iran and Turkey, and on Monday met with Syrian opposition groups.