Zakharova: Russia is exploring the possible consequences of increasing the military capability of States in space

SAMARA, June 20. /TASS/. Moscow is carefully studying the possible consequences of increasing the military potential of the Washington outer space. About it declared on Wednesday to journalists by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the decision of the American President Donald trump on the withdrawal of military space forces from structure military-air forces of the United States.

“Drew attention to the order of the President of the United States Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to withdraw military space forces from the air force as a separate species of the armed forces, she said. That’s the most disturbing in the news that clearly identifies the purpose of an assignment, namely, to ensure dominance in space.”

As noted by the diplomat, this step is proof that Washington “has plans for the weaponization of outer space with a view to the possible conduct of hostilities there”. “It’s not guesswork, it is the understanding of realities. We certainly closely follow such aspirations of Washington analyzed the possible consequences, – said Zakharov. – Expansion of military capabilities in space, especially after the arrival of the weapons would have a destabilizing effect on strategic stability and international security”.

“Russia takes a diametrically opposite position and gives priority to the use and exploration of outer space for exclusively peaceful purposes, – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry. – In recent years, we have launched a number of initiatives aimed at the prevention of an arms race in outer space. We intend to continue active, oriented towards achieving specific results, work in this direction.”

Zakharova also drew attention to the fact that the United States had previously attempted to secure the superiority in the military sphere. “For example, their desire to create for themselves a monopoly in the possession of nuclear weapons, she said. – At the time it all ended a fierce nuclear arms race and the horrific escalation of tensions in the international arena. Urge Washington to exercise prudence and not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

“For those who are interested in Russian military space forces, I would like to stress that they are purely defensive in nature, – said the diplomat. – Our country is not interested in solving any tasks in space using impact funds.”