The delegation of both chambers of Congress goes to Russia

WASHINGTON, June 22. /TASS/. The delegation of the U.S. Congress, which is planning to launch in the coming days visit to Russia, will include members of both the Senate and the house of representatives. This was announced on Thursday in an interview with reporters, among whom was the correspondent of TASS, Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov.

He said that the delegation will include not only three Republican senators, which has previously written the American press, Richard Shelby (Alabama), John Kennedy (Louisiana) and John Hoven (from North Dakota). In addition, Russia will go as senators and congressmen, confirmed Antonov. According to the stated information, the program of the visit includes a visit to the American legislators of Moscow and St. Petersburg in the period from late June to early July. Exact timing and size of its delegation Antonov called difficult.

“Indeed, there are such plans. Naturally, we welcome this aspiration, we believe the visit of senators [and representatives] will be an impetus to resume the relations between the parliaments of the two countries. We have long advocated, we invite our American partners. And I am very happy that now they responded,” said the diplomat.

“An important signal”

“It’s very important that they come to Moscow. This is a very important signal,” the Ambassador said.

“I strongly hope that there will be a return visit, – said Antonov. – I want our senators and representatives of the state Duma came here.” “But so far no plans for this. It is necessary to wait for the results of this visit,” said the Ambassador.

According to him, the Russian entry visa us lawmakers have already been issued. “No problems in this regard in respect of those senators [and representatives] who are going to us, no,” Antonov assured.

Hope for inter-parliamentary dialogue

He expressed the hope that the forthcoming visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg will help us lawmakers to get rid of stereotypes and labels, unjustly hung in the United States on Russia.

“To know Russia, of course, have to go to St. Petersburg. Especially a great time now – the white nights. And if they will be able to visit any match in the ongoing these days in Russia of world Cup], I hope they realize all the “horror stories” from the US state Department about the fact that Russia does not have to go, ” said the diplomat.

In recognition of the Antonov, he expects members of Congress to “just bring the mood of” celebration and open communication of the peoples of different countries home with them. “I want very much to believe,” – said on this occasion the Ambassador.

“For me, most importantly, it was a step towards restoring inter-parliamentary ties. I believe that if we can do it, then we [will] speak in broader terms about the relationship between our two countries”, – concluded Anatoly Antonov.