Nebesa expressed surprise that the UN has not found a violation of Washington’s resolution on Iran

UN, June 28. /TASS/. Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia expressed surprise that the report of the Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, on the resolution 2231, which was adopted in support of the Iranian nuclear deal, does not contain accusations against the United States in violation of the agreement.

“Given the importance of the unilateral actions of the United States for a Joint comprehensive plan of action [SVPD], we were very surprised by the fact that this situation is noted in the report only in passing. Absolutely incomprehensible how it is possible to prepare a document entitled “implementation of resolution 2231″ without any mention of the fact that the restoration of Washington’s unilateral sanctions is a direct violation of not only its obligations under the AGREEMENT, but the resolution 2231” – he said, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

The sebenza notice, published on Wednesday, the UN Secretary General’s report on resolution 2231 clearly indicates the implementation of Iran’s obligations on the nuclear deal. “Report of the Secretary-General is a clear indication of unconditional respect Iran’s obligations under the AGREEMENT, which invariably confirmed not only the IAEA but also by the UN Secretariat, which, as follows from the document, has no evidence to the contrary”, – he said.

The Russian permanent representative said that none of the given in the document examples of alleged violations by Iran of the resolution 2231 “not confirmed due to insufficient information and the lack of a coherent evidence base”. “Once again forced to remind you about the inadmissibility of the UN Secretariat of any investigation without a clear mandate from the Security Council”, – he said.

The report

According to the report, which was presented by the Deputy UN Secretary-General for political Affairs rosemary DiCarlo, 16 Jan 2016 11 IAEA again reported to the international community that Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the AGREEMENT. “Despite the continuing adherence to Iran’s obligations, the agreement is going through a difficult time due to exiting the United States” – the document says.

At the same time, the Secretary-General “urges Iran to carefully consider the concerns of a number of States in connection with activities that violate the application “B” resolutions”. On this app were concentrated current report.

So, “during the reporting period, the Secretariat [of the UN] received information about the transfer to Iran of dual-use goods, which may conflict with the resolution” is indicated in the text. It noted that the Secretariat “contacted the relevant member States, which has announced that it has launched an investigation”.

The document also says that the Saudi authorities learned of the missiles that were launched by Yemeni Houthi rebels on the territory of this country. “The Secretariat believes that the wreckage of five missiles have characteristics in common with an Iranian missile. We were able to confirm that the subunits were produced till 2010”, – stated in it. The authors of the report admit that at the moment, “can not determine whether they were transferred to Iran after the entry into force of the AGREEMENT”. The Secretariat also no information about drones, the production of which is attributed to Iran and alleged to have been seen in Syria.

“In fact all cases of alleged use of Iranian weapons, the UN Secretariat has no evidence that these weapons were manufactured after the entry into force of the AGREEMENT,” concluded DeCarlo.

The US withdrawal from SVPD

8 may the US President, Donald trump has announced the release of Washington from SVPD. He promised not only to bring back the old, but also to impose new sanctions. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the EU needs to ensure Iran’s compliance with its interest AGREEMENT to keep the agreement in force. Tehran confirmed its willingness not to withdraw from the deal and continue to comply with their obligations.