Sobyanin’s election program on the basis of orders of Muscovites will be formed by August

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. The candidate in mayors of Moscow acting mayor Sergei Sobyanin thanked the volunteers of his campaign headquarters over the collected signatures of voters and municipal elections and said that the initiatives will form the basis of its election program.

“Thank you to all the volunteers who collected signatures, it is more difficult, very important job. Right now I’m with you and I look at these signatures and tell that it’s a difficult situation. Look at the names of people you don’t know, and you started getting excited, because it is the people who gave you their signatures, supported you, it is very important. It is very important that simultaneously with the collection of signatures we collect a huge number of requests, orders from residents that relate to overall city development, transport, ecology, medicine, the development of each district, each court,” – said Sobyanin.

According to him, since the beginning of the work of the electoral headquarters of the volunteers were recorded for 3 thousand suggestions for improving life in the city. “I think there will be more. And we must not lose a single proposal, not a mandate, to include them in our city program, to include when working in every district, in every yard, in every house. What can be done before the election, will try to make before the election, you can lay in our programs”, – stressed the head of the city. The candidate also thanked the Muscovites, who gave his signature in support of it.

He also said that his electoral program will be completed by 1 August.

“We will try until August 1, to form the main directions of our program. It is certainly not a document with the seals, but at least the Foundation of order within one month to discuss. Direction of the program known to us: transport, environment, social policy – education, health – the key things we took as a key”, he said on Saturday at a meeting with members of his election headquarters.

Earlier, the mayor filed in the Moscow city election Commission the documents necessary to nominate him as a candidate for the office of mayor of the capital. He running for mayor as an independent candidate.

Contender for post of the mayor, to register a candidate for election must collect the signatures of 110 municipal deputies in 110 municipalities. The independent candidate also needs to enlist the support of 36 million voters. Earlier, the head of the electoral headquarters Sobyanin Konstantin Remchukov announced that all required signatures for registration of candidates collected.

Elections of the mayor of Moscow will be held September 9, in a single day of voting.