Ten candidates will compete for the post of Governor of Kuzbass

KEMEROVO, July 3. /TASS/. The electoral Commission of the Kemerovo region has finished documents acceptance from applicants for participation in early election of the Governor, which will be held September 9, in a single day of voting, said the election Committee of the region on Tuesday.

“Today the Electoral Commission of the Kemerovo region has finished documents acceptance on promotion of candidates for early elections of the Governor of the Kemerovo region, Only 10 candidates, seven of them nominated by political parties and three independent candidates”, – said the Agency interlocutor. According oblizbirkoma, in 2015, originally was nominated seven people, including one independent candidate and five of them were registered as candidates.

This time the “United Russia” is 56-year-old acting Governor, a non-partisan Sergei Tsivilev, the liberal democratic party, member party, member of Parliament of Kuzbas, a 32-year-old Igor Ukrainians, the Communist party – the 67-year-old Secretary of the Kemerovo regional Committee of party Vladimir Karpov, the Party of growth – the business-Ombudsman of the region, 42-year-old Elena Question, “Patriots of Russia” – the Deputy of the Kemerovo city Council, the 54-summer Yury Skvortsov.

“Fair Russia” has put forward on elections of the President of the Council of the regional branch of the party, the Deputy of city Council of people’s deputies of Novokuznetsk, 49-year-old Tatiana Protas, “Party of Social Reform – the income from natural resources to the people” – CEO of “NC RET”, 39-year-old Aksinya Guryanov.

Among the three independents – former Deputy Governor for construction, development Director of the company “Garant-K42,” the 44-year-old Edward Balaban, 41-year-old kemerovchane, entrepreneur Elena Shcheklein, and 51-the summer inhabitant of Novokuznetsk Viktor Smirnov, Chairman of the Board of the Kemerovo regional public organization “Center for socio-economic development of the population.”

Almost all candidates – residents of the Kemerovo region, with the exception of Gur’yanovoy, her place of residence provided by Moscow. The absolute majority said do not judge, except Smirnov: he had two convictions under article “a Beating” is one of them repaid in 2013, the second shot in 2015. all applicants, only two were accepted or have applied for participation in elections of the Governor in 2015 is starlings and Smirnov. In these elections for the first time since 1997, plan to participate women candidates.

Registration for elections

The procedure of registration of candidates will be held from 20 to 30 July inclusive.

“The candidates for the post of Governor of Kemerovo region, who are nominated by political parties and single-seat districts must collect the signatures of 208 deputies and the heads chosen in municipal elections. In addition, self – nominated candidates must collect signatures of voters, their number, the minimum threshold of 10 thousand 153, the maximum with the Commission, an applicant must provide 11 thousand 168” – added in the electoral Commission.

The last time the head of the region selected in 2015, then won, Aman Tuleyev, who led the Kuzbass since 1997 goals. He resigned after a fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, which killed 60 people. The acting Governor was appointed Sergei Tsivilev.