Foreign Ministry: Putin and trump at the meeting to discuss counter-terrorism

MADRID, July 3. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his us counterpart Donald trump during the meeting in Helsinki to discuss questions of fight against terrorism. This was said on Tuesday to journalists the Russian Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Oleg Syromolotov, who took part in Madrid in the ninth session of Russian-Spanish interagency working group on counter-terrorism.

Commenting on the upcoming meeting of the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States, he said: “I Think that this issue [of combating terrorism] and they will not pass, because it is one of the most important now.”

As previously reported by the press service of the Kremlin meeting trump and Putin will be held on July 16. According to the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, the two leaders will discuss a number of complex issues, including will comprehensively discuss Syria.

Cooperation between Russia and Spain

Representatives of the Russian and the Spanish authorities have exchanged information about terrorist threats in the world, said Syromolotov.

“We consulted not only with the foreign Ministry and all the concerned departments of Spain, which are involved in issues of counter-terrorism – said the diplomat. – From our side, too, was not only the foreign Ministry but also the security services and the army, because right now, global counter-terrorism tasks largely involved the army.” “We exchanged information on terrorist threats in the world,” added Syromolotov.

According to him, the meeting also touched upon “issues related to migration and use by terrorists of migration”. “Then [was affected] terrorism financing [to counter this], to counter extremism, and cooperation on international platforms ranging from the UN, Council of Europe, OSCE and so on,” – said the Deputy head of the foreign Ministry. “The relationship we have with Spain for all the lines, starting from the foreign Ministry and intelligence services, normal, level, we understand each other, we have in some areas different estimates, but irresistible,” he said.

“The atmosphere of the talks was very friendly, Frank,” added Syromolotov. He also said that the Spanish side, in particular, spoke about “the EU plans for organizations within the EU of combating some types of crimes which are connected with counter-terror.”

The situation in Afghanistan

Russia most sensitive to the concentration of forces of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in the North of Afghanistan, said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“With the defeat of ISIL (formerly ISIS – approx. TASS) Syria is now in the process of movement of foreign terrorists part to country of origin, where they came from. Part they dissolve in the world, said Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation. – Most importantly, there is a process of reforming the terrorist organisation ISIS, as they disperse their fighters in the world to continue Jihad in various regions.”

According to Syromolotova, first of all we are talking about countries that are close to Syria, then – in the Sahara-Sahel zone, Central Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

“It [the regions] where they’re headed now, and we are looking for Russia the most sensitive is the concentration of LIH in the form of the Khorasan province in the North of Afghanistan, the diplomat said. – If two years ago there were about 600 people, now estimated to be up to 4 thousand, especially in the summer. In addition, those people who are going there, many immigrants from the countries of Central Asia and Russia: the Northern Caucasus, the Volga region and so forth.”

“They openly say that they are interested in Afghanistan only as a base, and the ultimate challenge – infiltration in Central Asia to destabilize the situation there, and further destabilize the situation, including in Russia. In the regions where we live, the Muslim population,” said Syromolotov.

The conference in Moscow

International conference, which will address the issues of illegal supply of arms to terrorist groups, will be held in Moscow on September 3-4.

“On September 3-4 we are holding in Moscow an international conference that will consider the issues of arms supplies to terrorist organizations because of ISIS [the former name of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”] beat, and they constantly have weapons, they can resist the States, explained Syromolotov. – So whence it comes”.

“Will involve 36 States and many international organizations at the level of senior officials in this sphere”, – noted Deputy foreign Minister.

According to the diplomat, during the conference will include heads of Russian law enforcement agencies. Syromolotov added that the Spanish side supported the initiative of the event. In addition, its presence was confirmed by the Deputy UN Secretary-General and Executive Director of the UN office on drugs and crime Yury Fedotov.