In the Duma doubt the observance of the regulations on projects of anti-Russian resolutions in the OSCE PA

BERLIN, July 7. /TASS/. The head of the Russian delegation to the OSCE parliamentary Assembly, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy said that doubts in following the rules when voting on the question of the inclusion of three projects the anti-Russian resolutions in the agenda of the session of the OSCE PA.

Earlier on Saturday, at the meeting of the standing Committee of the Assembly, despite the objections of the Russian delegation, it was decided to leave the consideration of the participants of the session, three draft resolutions dealing with human rights in Crimea, criticism of the Russian judicial system and the 10-year anniversary of the 2008 events in South Ossetia.

“As for the voting, which took place in standing Committee, I have already expressed doubts (and expressed them to the President of the Assembly) that the vote was legitimate, due to the fact that the Chairman asked who for, who against, but did not ask who abstained” – said Tolstoy, Recalling that according to the regulations, such decisions shall be taken by two third of votes. “But if he does not consider the voices of those who abstained, where do they go?” – it asked a question.

“So, we do not respect the position of those countries who is neither for nor against, – stated the head of the delegation of the Russian Federation. He said that two-thirds of the delegations is 38 votes. “No one of these resolutions was not filed 38 votes, was 27, 26, 25. But he [the President] interprets the laws in such a way that someone picked up the card, he participated in the vote, and those who did not, he just doesn’t ask the question,” – said Vice-speaker of the state Duma.

Russia did not podaril Declaration of the OSCE PA

The Russian delegation will not support the Declaration of the OSCE PA following its Berlin session in the case of the inclusion in this document of the three anti-Russian resolutions, said Tolstoy, answering the question TASS.

“Yes, of course [not support], we are in Minsk (last summer session of the OSCE PA – approx. TASS) occupied the same position”, – said the politician.

Directly according to the documents, the delegation of the Russian Federation “will vote against, to convince colleagues in the plenary session, putting forward arguments about the insolvency of a number of theses in these resolutions, the Assembly took no action based on fake news (false news, distorted information – approx. TASS)” and someone’s ideas about beauty,” said Tolstoy.

The contents of the resolutions

One of the projects of the resolutions in question were made by the Ukrainian delegation. It is dedicated to “the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms” in the Crimea. The document consists of 17 demands, including a halt to “the eradication of education in the Ukrainian language and to cancel the decision to declare the “Majlis [Crimean Tatar people]” extremist organization (an organization banned in Russia – approx. TASS)”. The authors are also required to create “favorable conditions” for independent journalists, human rights defenders and lawyers.

In the draft resolution, which was introduced by the Swedish delegation, calls for Russia to enact laws “to fight crimes of hate,” and to ensure a fair trial in accordance with the guarantees of the European Convention on human rights. Swedish MP Margareta Zederfeldt that prepared the draft, asks the Russian Federation to release everyone who was detained for “peacefully exercising the rights to freedom of expression and Assembly.”

Its draft resolution concerning the approaching decades of the events in South Ossetia, Georgia made. The Chairman of the Committee on foreign relations of the Parliament of Georgia Sophiko katsarava that prepared the document calls for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in accordance with international law and the Helsinki principles, as well as the full implementation of the agreement on the ceasefire of 12 August 2008.