Zhirinovsky: the presidential form of government will have a positive impact on the life of Turkey

ANKARA, 9 July. /TASS/. The transition of Turkey from a parliamentary to a presidential form of government will have a positive impact on the political life of the country. This opinion was expressed on Monday, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky during a meeting with compatriots in the Russian center of science and culture in Ankara.

“We, the liberal democratic party pay special attention to the southern direction, and, of course, in the first place Turkey, then Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. We believe it is positive for Turkey, the adoption of the new Constitution, the concentration of all power in the hands of the President. Hope all the issues will be resolved faster,” he said, when asked TASS to comment on the state of Russian-Turkish relations.

According to Zhirinovsky, “[President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan is a brilliant opportunity to do what he sees fit”. “From personal conversation with Erdogan, I realized that he was positively disposed to Russia. Of course, he would like to have good relations with the West, but does not want the West,” he said.

“It would be beneficial to South direction has been more fruitful. I hope that the new term of President Erdogan relationship [between Russia and Turkey] will rise sharply in all directions, including in the sphere of trade, culture, sports, youth”, – said the Deputy, not excluding the possibility of and development of military cooperation between the two countries.

Zhirinovsky has arrived in the Turkish capital to take part in the inauguration ceremony of the winners of elections June 24, President of Turkey. Usually such an event would only invite presidents, Prime Ministers or speakers of parliaments. As reported by Zhirinovsky himself, Erdogan had personally invited him to his inauguration. LDPR leader accompany other MPs from the party: Vasily Vlasov, Dmitry Savelyev and Boris Chernyshov.