Kosachev: allegations of NATO to the Russian Federation the Alliance needs to cover up its internal problems

MOSCOW, July 11. /TASS/. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev considers that the allegations of NATO to Russia identified in the outcome of the Alliance, the organization in order to cover their major problems inside NATO.

“Sweeping accusations and lack of the slightest attempt to analyze the situation soberly, to realize their responsibility and mistakes, is needed in order to cover the main problems of the Alliance. Russia, as a saving of cement, in fact, “obscure” growing cracks in the monolith of NATO that emerged between America [President Donald] trump and Europe [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel,” Kosachev wrote on his page on Facebook on Wednesday.

“So the final “cry of the soul” (“save, Russian circle!”) summit and need in order to convince the growing number of skeptics in Europe but also in some measure to help America reconcile the population of Europe will inevitably increase military budgets. Trump, in fact, sells the security as a commodity, and its ultimatum is action,” – said the Senator.

In his opinion, the Europeans are not on time quarreled with Russia, they themselves deprived themselves of counter-arguments in a dispute with Washington, and therefore “can only sympathize”.

“Final Declaration of the summit of the Alliance leaves no doubt: the key state that is the Savior and guardian of this relic of the Institute of the twentieth century, is Russia”, – wrote the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council.

Standard charges

The MP drew attention to the fact that NATO leaders in the outcome document “prescribed all imaginable and unimaginable sins of Russia,” including unproven, such as the case Skrobala, violations of “obligations in the field of arms control”, “hybrid actions, including attempts to interfere in the electoral process and the sovereignty” of member countries of the Alliance. “Not without reference to the tragedy of MH-17, and even “discrimination of the Crimean Tatars”, which managed to include in the Declaration of a military Alliance”, – said Kosachev.

He noted that against the background set of standard charges “quite touching, there are claims that for more than two decades, NATO has been working on a partnership with Russia.” “But, I suppose, Russia did not appreciate the extension of the Alliance to its borders as a tool of “partnership”, and this ingratitude is now worried about his members. The more that Russia has the audacity to place missiles on its territory, but near “to the borders of NATO,” – said the Senator.

A paragraph in the summit Declaration devoted to accusations against Russia, a policy which, according to NATO, Euro-Atlantic security makes the region less stable.