Putin called “largely successful” summit with trump

MOSCOW, July 19. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his meeting with the US President in Helsinki on 16 July was successful and marked the beginning of positive changes in bilateral relations, although a number of forces in Washington are trying to disavow the results of the summit.

Speaking at the meeting of Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives, Putin noted that his first full meeting with trump was “generally successful, it led to agreements.” According to Putin, “despite the difference in views,” he trump was United in the opinion that “Russian-American relations are in very poor condition, in many respects, even worse than during the cold war.” “Of course, it would be naive to believe that the problems that have accumulated over the years will be resolved in a few hours, but no one expected, however, believe that the way to these positive changes still begun”, – said Putin.


“Look, of course, how will the events develop further, especially since certain forces in America trying to belittle, to disavow the results of the meeting in Helsinki,” – said the Russian President. As Putin said, in the US there are forces that are easily willing to bring Russian-American relations to sacrifice “their ambitions in the course of the political struggle in America.” In his view, these forces are willing to sacrifice the interests of American business, which is losing the Russian market and multimillion-dollar contracts; jobs in the United States, which runs into tens of thousands, “and can go hundreds of thousands of” ready to sacrifice the interests of its allies in Europe and the middle East.

“In particular, for example, have in mind the interests of the state of Israel” – gave the example of Putin, noting that he is, trump said, including about the security on the Golan heights during the operations in Syria. “Apparently, this one (of the opponents of Russian-American relations – approx. TASS) is not interested,” – said the Russian leader.

Putin concluded that the position of the American forces “does not fit into our political philosophy.” “Because we are-always and everywhere taught that the people working for the state, in the interests of society, first of all have to think about those fundamental interests, and always put higher,” – said the Russian leader.

The head of state believes that the powerful opponents of rapprochement between Russia – US “provisional government” to the citizens of his anti-Russian position, it must be taken into account. The head of state is convinced that politicians should always think about the fundamental interests of their country and put them above all else. “But no! In the United States, we see that there are forces beyond your group, put partisan interests above the national. About people we did well when some of our famous writers-satirists (Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov – approx. TASS): “miserable, miserable people”, – said Putin.

“In this case it is not, these people are not pathetic and not insignificant, he says. On the contrary, is quite powerful, if you can sell to, excuse my slang, millions of its citizens of various indigestible to the normal logic of history,” the President said. Putin stressed that this fact should “consider in the course of practical work on the American direction”.

The President said that Russia is ready to dialogue with the United States. “Russia is ready to develop contacts with the United States on an equal, mutually beneficial basis. This is necessary not only to our peoples but to the whole world,” he said. “As the largest nuclear powers, we bear a special responsibility for ensuring strategic stability and security,” – said the head of state.