Pamfilova blamed the electoral system of St. Petersburg depending on authorities

MOSCOW, July 25. /TASS/. The Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that the election Commission of St. Petersburg are dependent on local officials and deputies, and the municipal electoral Commission does not control this fee in full.

Basically, according to her, a complaint to the election Commission of St. Petersburg relate to municipal elections. “This is especially true of municipal elections – there is generally a complete mess, there is some parallel control system. Every head of the local neighborhood has a greater impact on the Commission than the city election Commission”, – Pamfilova said Wednesday at the meeting.

She added that “PECs are formed in such a way that are economically dependent on local chiefs, deputies.” “On a number of aspects of the [observed] the unseemly role of representatives of the legislative Assembly, the maximum claim we have to the Governor [Konstantin] Serov on this occasion, too,” said the CEC head.

She stressed that “the main problem is the fact that properly the Commission does not control the lower-level election commissions in full”.

The controversy over the new Chairman

The CEC at a meeting on Wednesday suggested the election Commission of St. Petersburg to elect the Chairman of the newly appointed Commission member Victor Minenko, who previously held the post of chief Federal inspector for St. Petersburg of the office of the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the northwestern Federal district. A number of members of the St. Petersburg election Commission has written a letter to the Chairman of the CEC with the proposal to hold preliminary consultations on the upcoming vote on the nomination of the Chairman of the city election Commission.

One of the authors of the letter, the Chairman of the election Committee of Petersburg of Alla Yegorova said via video link at the CEC session that the appeal was sent at the initiative of the members of the Commission from different parties: United Russia, the Communist party, the Party of growth and “Apple”. “St. Petersburg is a difficult city, a city with democratic traditions. Different opinions of political parties on the nomination of the Chairman of the [electoral Commission]”, she said. According to Yegorova, the last six years, the Commission was “authoritarian leadership”.

Pamfilova responded to this open letter is a story about the claims against the electoral Committee of Petersburg. “Vote as you see fit, and we will make further conclusions. No other nominations from the membership of the current Commission, we do not see, it is not offered”, – she said.

The head of the CEC noted that he would like to see at the head of the electoral Commission of St. Petersburg, in particular, past Secretary of CEC Nikolai Konkin.

The CEC was preparing to deliver to the electoral Commission.

Pamfilova said that the results of the CEC has prepared a draft resolution on the recognition of the work of the electoral Commission of the Petersburg poor, but the resignation of the former Chairman of the Commission Victor Pankevich in June changed the plans of the CEC.

“At the end of all the tests I admit, we were prepared a draft decree even sitting in front of me, to recognize the work of the Commission of St. Petersburg is unsatisfactory, and to Express confidence in the head, well, I Pankevich left, and you left,” she said.

“You have been absolutely incomprehensible to the relationship that have blocked our efforts to improve the situation,” – said Pamfilova.

Among other “chronic problems” of the electoral Commission she called replies on complaints of violations, bad working with lists of voters.

In addition, in St. Petersburg during the presidential campaign, the CEC has identified the manipulation of statements of voters about voting at the place of stay in other regions. “Thank God, we just identified, prevented this large-scale fraud, on behalf of the voter written statements and went: let’s do four thousand in Dagestan send, let four thousand in Chechnya,” – said Pamfilova.

She said that such bogus statements were about 450 thousand